We have now posted Tape #18 of The Viganò Tapes on Rumble (link).

    We have also posted The Complete Interview of The Viganò Tapes on Rumble (link).

    A complete transcription of this interview is also available on our magazine’s website, InsideTheVatican.com (link).

    This video is the complete interview where Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò responds to 18 of our questions.

    We did not post either Tape #18 or the Complete Interview on our YouTube channel due to our receiving our “first strike,” which bans any new content from being posted for one week.

    This strike is due to YouTube’s decision to block all content that it deems anti-vaccine. (link)


    Note: I also had a conversation for 30 minutes with Jim Hale of Lifesitenews two days ago to discuss certain aspects of the present liturgical situation in the Church. You may find the video at this link.

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