LifeSiteNews has just published a brief report on the launch of a global prayer campaign for healing for all who have suffered and died during the two years of the Covid virus, and also for the protection of God and the Virgin Mary against hasty and extraordinary political and economic reactions to the virus that can be harmful, especially for children.

    Here is a link to their report. You can also click the video below or view on Rumble here.

    Here is how LifeSite introduces the video: “On December 16, local Catholics organized the first of a series of rosary meetings in Front Royal, Virginia. Inspired by the movement ‘Austria prays,’ Robert Moynihan, founder and editor-in-chief of Inside the Vatican magazine, decided to bring it to America and inspire people across the nation to pray the rosary for the Church and society in crisis.”

    The initiative is being developed in many countries and in many ways and we will be attempting to report on it throughout the holidays.

    We also encourage you to click the ad below the video from one of our advertisers, Father Peter Vu who has a marvelous story to tell of his journey from Vietnam to the United States.

    Here is a link to another video which I did with Jim Hale of LifeSitewhich is at the bottom of this email—RM

    Below is the link to Father Peter Vu’s book. Please consider ordering it as a Christmas gift.

    A Video Interview Wrapping Up 2021

    Here is a link to an hour-long interview I did this week with Jim Hale of Lifesitenews, in which Jim asks me to discuss some of the events of 2021 in a kind of year-end wrap-up. Some of you may find the interview of interest. Lifesitenews writes:

    “Unite the clans”: Viganò biographer says “evils” of Great Reset must be met with penance, prayer

    Author of Finding Viganò, Robert Moynihan, sits down with LSN TV’s Jim Hale to discuss the latest efforts taking place to combat the Great Reset. Moynihan also shares his vision for the future of the fight and his next book on Archbishop Viganò, explaining that resistance to the “cage” being constructed for mankind must be met with prayer and penance.

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