Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Lines Written in Hope, and Admiration, from Rome, and in Denunciation of the British Legal System, While Alfie Still Lives

To Alfie, Son of Albion

April 25, 2018, Rome

Go on, young Alfie, son of Albion,
Fearless fighter in a soulless age,
With every shallow breath, while judges rage,
To the very end, beyond all hope.

Go on, young Alfie, son of Tom,
Lion-hearted soul, without a trace
Of calculation, hypocrisy or fear,
With eyes that, after all, are crystal clear.

Go on, dear Alfie, son of Albion,
And may your name remain for time to come
By a race that once stood proud and free
But now has bowed before false law’s decree.

Live on, young Alfie, strong and free
Under God, who willed that you might be.

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