June 29, 2012 — Benedict: “Evil will not prevail”

Pope Benedict XVI spoke some dramatic words today during his homily for the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul…

He said, using the words of Christ himself, that the “gates of hell,” though they will assault the Church, will not prevail over the Church (“non praevalebunt,” “they will not prevail”).

It is a homily Benedict reportedly wrote entirely on his own, without the help of his staff.

The last time a Pope spoke spoke such dramatic words was precisely 40 years ago today, when Pope Paul VI said that it seemed to him as if, against all expectations, from “some fissure” the “smoke of Satan” had entered “the temple of God.”

We now know that what Pope Paul was referring to was the scandalous levity with which many priests after the Council treated the liturgy, the worship of God (see below for the interview with Cardinal Virgilio Noe where Noe gives us this interpretation of Pope Paul’s words)…

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