The Honorable Victoria Nuland, 60, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (link), while giving testimony to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday, March 8, three days ago (here is a report on her testimony). Nuland confirmed the existence of a number of U.S.-supported bio-labs in Ukraine for the past decade or so — something which had been widely regarded as a “conspiracy theory” (see, for example, here) until she confirmed the existence of the labs…

    Then He will judge between the nations and arbitrate for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will no longer take up the sword against nation, nor train anymore for war.” Isaiah 2:4


    The following is the transcript of the exchange between Senator Marc Rubio and Victoria Nuland on March 8th in Washington D.C:

    Sen. Marco Rubio: Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons?

    Victoria Nuland: Ukraine has biological research facilities which, in fact, we’re now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how we can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.

    Sen. Marco Rubio: I’m sure you’re aware that the Russian propaganda groups are already putting out there all kinds of information about how they have uncovered a plot by the Ukrainians to release biological weapons in the country, and with NATO’s coordination. If there is a biological or chemical weapon incident or attack inside Ukraine, is there any doubt in your mind that 100% it would be the Russians behind it?

    Victoria Nuland: There is no doubt in my mind, Senator. And in fact, it is a classic Russian technique to blame the other guy for what they are planning to do themselves.

    Letter #46, 2022, Thursday, March 10: On the Mysterious Biolabs in Ukraine

    I am so saddened and heart-sick by the war in Ukraine, by Russia’s invasion and the terrible fear and suffering of the invaded Ukrainians (not to mention the threat of nuclear war, which could poison or kill many of us around the world), that I have not wished to write about it, but rather to keep silence.

    I am saddened and troubled because I care deeply about both Russia and Ukraine.

    I would do everything in my power to help bring a speedy end to the conflict.

    My faith teaches me that Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior— who guides our steps even in this life — is the “Prince of Peace.”

    Therefore, it is fitting Christians endeavor to make peace, be “peacemakers” — as Jesus encouraged us to be when he preached of the eight Beatitudes, the eight Blessings — “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God” — in his programmatic Sermon on the grass-covered hillside overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

    I have spent half a lifetime now, traveling repeatedly to Russia and to Ukraine, getting to know people in both countries — as Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both encouraged me to do — in an effort to try to “build bridges” between the Orthodox of the East and the Catholics of the West, between the Eastern and Western traditions of Christianity, between the Greek Byzantines and Latin Roman Christians, that the Church — and Western culture — might “breathe with two lungs,” to quote the phrase of St. John Paul II.

    Now there is war, fear, cursing, and death, in that beloved region, rather than peace, trust, blessing, and life…

    The war should not have started.    

    And many other actions of the past eight or 18 or 28 years should not have taken place, all of them contributing to the present conflict.

    This war should be ended, and the crops should be planted this spring.

    But the war’s ending should not be in a nuclear — or biological — cataclysm which might cause colossal harm, or even end, human life on this blue-green planet. (Why are so many people talking so animatedly about “pressing the button” to “launch the nukes”? Has everyone gone mad?)

    The war’s ending should be in talks — in negotiation, however difficult negotiation may be — followed by the creation of a structure for a just and lasting peace, however difficult that may be.

    God grant that it may be so, God grant that we may find a way to “beat our swords into plowshares…” (“Then He will judge between the nations and arbitrate for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will no longer take up the sword against nation, nor train anymore for war.” —Isaiah 2:4)


    This brings me to one of the strangest stories I have ever encountered — one I am still trying to unravel and understand, with some, but certainly not all, of the facts, so bear with me if this letter remains inevitably partial and incomplete.

    It is the story of the much-scoffed at, and quite mysterious, biolabs of Ukraine.

    It is my thought that we should at least know about this story, and know what each side has said and claimed about this story, if we are to more fully understand some of the passions and convictions, false or invented or true, underlying this crisis.


    It is a story so convoluted, and so chilling, that it is almost unbelievable.

    And it is a story that is so chilling that I think it must be told — even if many think the biolabs are a “taboo” subject.

    In fact, precisely because they are a taboo subject, there must be clarity on what was happening in those labs.

    Probably an international commission should immediately be set up, comprised of leading doctors, leading scientists, and also leading religious figures, to go to see these labs and to hear reports on what was really going on there.

    Such a fact-finding committee might include:

    — a representative of Pope Francis and of Cardinal Pietro Parolin (Vatican Secretary of State);

    — a representative of Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (the Ukrainian Church that reunited with Rome four centuries ago, but celebrating the same eastern liturgy as the Orthodox, whose followers are concentrated in western Ukraine);

    — a representative of Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople;

    — a representative of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow;

    — a representative and of Metropolitan Epiphany of Kyiv and All Ukraine (the Primate of the new autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church) and also

    — a representative of Metropolitan Onuphry, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (still united with Moscow), also of Kyiv and All Ukraine;

    — perhaps representatives also of some of the other religious communities of Ukraine and Russia;

     — leading scientists and medical doctors from both countries, and perhaps also from several other countries as well, as seems fitting.

    — a small press corps to accompany the team and chronicle its activities in video and in writing.

    Such a committee could be organized by the very capable Ambassador of the Holy See to Ukraine, Monsignor Visvaldas Kulbokas, 47, born in Lithuania.

    Such a group might receive a passe-partout (a kind of passport to travel anywhere and everywhere in Ukraine, approved by the Ukrainian authorities and also by the Russian authorities who would instruct their military officials to honor the passport).

    I suggest all this with a certain urgency because of a four-hour conversation I had in mid-December, just before Christmas, with Dr. Robert Malone, at his home in Virginia (link on who Dr. Malone is).

    During the conversation, Malone told me that he had worked for many years in the community of scientists which seeks to understand the human genetic code, and to understand how various viruses and diseases affect different people: young people and old people, people with no vitamin deficiencies and people who are malnourished or badly nourished and deficient in some vitamins, and so forth.

    Among the research that he was aware of, he told me, was the study of different ethnic groups — the Celtic Irish, for example, and the Japanese, or the Slavic Russians and Persian Iranians — in order to determine whether some viruses or diseases might be developed which would affect one group, but not another.

    I shook my head with horror as he described this research to me.

    And I never wrote a thing about it.

    But now Malone himself has made these same remarks in a piece he published yesterday on Substack (a new platform where many writers are publishing their writings), which I republish here below. (link)

    How is this related to the biolabs in Ukraine?

    Well, it has been reported that the labs, located all over Ukraine — some say 13 labs, some say 19 labs, and some say 26 labs… the figures differ — were collecting DNA samples from people all over the country, in the Western part of the country, in the center part, and in the East, where a large part of the population is ethnically Russian.

    The assertion has been made on the internet that this was part of a research procedure aimed at developing special viruses or bacteria which would affect one of these groups, and not the others.

    Is this true?

    I do not know.

    But the Russian government, and the Chinese government, have both said in public statements — this is not something that is just being rumored by bloggers — that they are very concerned to learn what research is being carried out in these labs, and in other similar labs throughout the world.

    British journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote on March 9 (yesterday):

    “Claims that Ukraine currently maintains dangerous biological weapons labs came from Russia as well as China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry this month claimed: ‘The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone.’ The Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that ‘Russia obtained documents proving that Ukrainian biological laboratories located near Russian borders worked on development of components of biological weapons.’ Such assertions deserve the same level of skepticism as U.S. denials: namely, none of it should be believed to be true or false absent evidence. Yet U.S. fact-checkers dutifully and reflexively sided with the U.S. Government to declare such claims ‘disinformation’ and to mock them as QAnon conspiracy theories.”


    It is now known that advanced biolabs were in fact set up in many places in Ukraine about 10 years ago as joint research facilities, run by the Ukrainian governments, but supported by the United States.

    We know this because US State Department official Victoria Nuland on Monday, March 8 — three days ago — confirmed the existence of these labs in sworn testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under questioning from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(Republican Senator from Florida). The text of their conversation is transcribed above; here is the video of the conversation (it is very short, and I think it is important to take a look at it for yourself):

    Prior to Nuland’s confirmation that these labs existed, many people were speaking about these labs on the internet, but no one really knew whether they were even in Ukraine, functioning, or not.

    So the internet was filled with rumors.

    And one of those “rumors” was that Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 in part because it feared an imminent attack on the Russian people by the release — perhaps in flocks of infected birds flying over the border, some speculated — of some sort of “bio-weapon” created in these laboratories, something like the Covid-19 virus, but perhaps much more deadly.

    Of course, such a story would seem to be completely crazy — one more “conspiracy theory.”

    Yet, in the rather stilted, somewhat odd exchange between Senator Rubio and Nuland, it seems clear that two concepts are being brought together by both of them:

    (1) that there are biolabs in Ukraine, and

    (2) that some type of biological agent, a plague, for example, or a Covid-19-like virus, perhaps, might be released by the Russians once they have taken control of these labs, with the Russians claiming that the disease was coming from one of the labs.

    This is why this is such a frightening story: because both sides are actually speaking about the possible release of a biological weapon of some sort.

    It therefore it seems possible that there may actually be such a weapon, whichever side has designed it — and if it is released, it might not be restricted to Ukraine, or Russia — as terrible as that would already be — but in fact it might be contagious, and spread around the globe, just like Covid, but perhaps causing a more dangerous, lethal illness than Covid.

    This is why I think an international team of 20 or 25 people should immediately be constituted to go into Ukraine and gain first-hand evidence about what has been going on at these labs.

    Pope Benedict repeated many times during his papacy — it was a warning that he came back to time and time again — that humans ought not do everything that they can do.

    Some things should not be done, even if we have the intelligence, the genius, to do them, because they are too dangerous, or too against nature, or too likely to cause harm to future generations, or too “clever” but insufficiently wise…

    Brilliant inventions… but lacking in wisdom…

    And among those things, I think, is thus type of research into biological weapons which are man-made, and which we think we can control, as we control a bow and an arrow, or a rifle and a bullet, but these new biological weapons we may not be able to control, and they may get out “into the open” and then cause endless harm even until the end of time.

    For the sake of all our children, and grandchildren, let us, all of us, listen to “the better angels of our nature” — and stop this madness… —RM

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    The Dignity of the Person, Transhumanism and the US Government

    Dr. Robert Malone is one of the most expert virology researchers in the world – he is the main inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology which was unveiled for worldwide use in Covid vaccines, and has himself worked with the US government asks on his Substack webpage,, “Would the Russian invasion of Ukraine be justified if it were for biodefense?” (link)

    Malone links the proliferation of government biological research labs around the world to the pursuit of “transhumanism” – broadly defined as the belief that human beings can be “perfected” through technology.

    It is the belief that humans can overcome and transcend human nature (and as a corollary, an unnecessary belief in God and religion) to finally become the “Superman” envisioned by Nietzche.

    Dr. Malone says in this article:

    “I love to illustrate key points with stories based on personal experience. I have been told by people who would know (including Major General (ret.) Philip K. Russell, MD), that over many decades, the total expenditures of the US Government in developing biowarfare agents exceeded the money spent on thermonuclear weapons.

    “A case can be made that modern understanding and technology relating molecular biology, microbiology, and virology is fundamentally a ‘civilian’ byproduct of a massive investment in biowarfare tech by US, USSR, and other governments.

    “The latest evolution of these technologies is that we appear to have the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] of the People’s Republic of China, which seems to recognize no ethical boundaries, pushing the limits of the brave new world of ‘transhumanism.’

    “Which in turn becomes a justification for western nations basically making the argument that ‘since they are doing it, we have to do it.'”

    Dr. Malone say this leads to:

    “An increasingly sophisticated next generation of biological warfare. Where people become the weapons of choice for governments that give us no choice.

    “For further on that, please see our prior Substack “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm.”

    In the Substack article that Dr. Malone refers to in the final sentence of the above-quoted selection, he quotes directly from the report “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm,” published jointly by the Defense Ministry of the United Kingdom and the Federal Ministry of Germany, as follows:

    “Human augmentation will become increasingly relevant, partly because it can directly enhance human capability and behavior and partly because it is the binding agent between people and machines.

    “Future wars will be won, not by those with the most advanced technology, but by those who can most effectively integrate the unique capabilities of both people and machines.

    “The importance of human-machine teaming is widely acknowledged but it has been viewed from a techno-centric perspective.

    “Human augmentation is the missing part of this puzzle.”

    Dr. Malone comments:

    “The document goes on to write that the role of ethics and public perception in the use of human augmentation are not the deciding factors in developing human augmentation.

    “The general consensus of the report is that human augmentation is critical for national security for the future development of warfare. It will be the military-industrial complex (national interests) that ultimately decides what is developed.”

    US biolabs in Ukraine

    “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of.” —US State Department Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, responding to US lawmakers at a hearing when asked directly whether Ukraine has bioweapons

    According to official documents like this one below (many of which have been scrubbed from the internet but can still be retrieved thanks to the Wayback Machine internet archive website), there are at least 10 biolabs just in Ukraine that have been funded by the U.S. Department of Defense — indicating, as one commentator put it, that they are “in line with USA’s military objectives.”

    What those objectives may be remains unclear, but many point out that their secrecy casts doubt on the claim that they exist for purely medical reasons.

    A full list of additional documents revealing US Defense Department funding of biolabs in Ukraine is available on this website (link)

    Another website (link) posts an April 2020 article – so, almost two years ago – titled, “Ukrainians ask themselves what biolabs supervised by the US Department of Defense might be doing in Ukraine.”

    Also in 2020, an article by Whitney Webb was posted on the website, which talked about research into bats as bioweapons, noting:

    “Like much of the Pentagon’s controversial research programs, the bats as bioweapons research has been framed as defensive, despite the fact that no imminent threat involving bat-propagated bioweapons has been acknowledged.

    “However, independent scientists have recently accused the Pentagon, particularly its research arm DARPA, of claiming to be engaged in research it says is ‘defensive’ but is actually ‘offensive.’

    “The most recent example of this involved DARPA’s “Insect Allies” program, which officially ‘aims to protect the U.S. agricultural food supply by delivering protective genes to plants via insects, which are responsible for the transmission of most plant viruses’ and to ensure ‘food security in the event of a major threat,’ according to both DARPA and media reports.

    “However, a group of well-respected, independent scientists revealed in a scathing analysis of the program that, far from a ‘defensive’ research project, the Insect Allies program was aimed at creating and delivering ‘new class of biological weapon.’

    “The scientists, writing in the journal Science and led by Richard Guy Reeves, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany, warned that DARPA’s program — which uses insects as the vehicle for as horizontal environmental genetic alteration agents (HEGAAS) — revealed ‘an intention to develop a means of delivery of HEGAAs for offensive purposes (emphasis added).’”

    So it seems it may no longer be a matter of speculation that the U.S. military is indeed involved in secret biological research in Ukraine (and elsewhere) and that its exact nature could well be biological weapon-related.

    Russia now accuses the U.S. of covering up years of violating the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, a disarmament treaty that effectively bans biological and toxin weapons by prohibiting their development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling, and use. (link)

    Here is an interesting map (source: US Department of Defense) of the Department of Defense biolabs around the world:

    A Bulgarian investigative reporter, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, produced an interesting documentary on one of those biolabs funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Richard Lugar Center, in Tblisi, Georgia (link):

    Here is a companion article by the same reporter (link).


    To conclude, we propose the words of Karol Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II, in a 1968 letter to French Jesuit theologian Fr. Henri de Lubac:

    “The evil of our times consists in the first place in a kind of degradation, indeed in a pulverization, of the fundamental uniqueness of each human person.

    “This evil is even much more of the metaphysical order than of the moral order.

    “To this disintegration, planned at times by atheistic ideologies, we must oppose, rather than sterile polemics, a kind of ‘recapitulation’ of the inviolable mystery of the person….

    “The obliteration of the image of God from our midst has resulted in the obliteration of the true image of man.”

    St. John Paul II, pray for us!


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