St. Benjamin, Deacon and martyr, who suffered terribly before he was martyred in Persia in 434 A.D. for preaching the Gospel. He is venerated by both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches (link)

    Letter #61, 2022, Thursday, March 31: Voices

    I send below some of the letters I have been receiving from readers — the “voices” of ordinary people around the world — and a glimpse into the cast of mind of one Russian strategist, Sergey Glazyev, who is thought to be influential in present-day Russia, as a possible way to understand the thought processes in the Kremlin today.


    Today is the Feast Day of Benjamin, the Deacon and Martyr, born AD 329, died c. AD 424.

    He is venerated by both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, on October 13 by the Orthodox, and on March 31 by the Catholic Church.

    Benjamin (AD 329-c. 424) was a deacon martyred in about 424 in Persia. He was executed during a period of persecution of Christians that lasted 40 years and through the reign of two Persian kings: Isdegerd I, who died in 421, and his son and successor, Varanes V. King Varanes carried on the persecution with such great fury that Christians were submitted to the most cruel tortures.

    Benjamin was imprisoned for a year for his Christian faith, and later released with the condition that he abandon preaching or speaking of his religion. His release was obtained by the Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius II through an ambassador. However, Benjamin declared that it was his duty to preach about Christ and that he could not be silent. As a consequence, Benjamin was tortured mercilessly until his death in the year 424, specifically, “sharpened reeds [were] stuck under the nails of his fingers and toes.”

    We pray for the intercession of St. Benjamin in this time of terrible conflict, violence and suffering in Ukraine. —RM


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    Letters from Readers

    Here are three letters from readers:

    (1) I received this letter from a Catholic nun:

    Thank you. At last some people with love and charity in their hearts. Weigel, like so many other Catholics (Robert Royal, etc.) are so terribly hateful and judgmental. The terrible accusations, all groundless, against Patriarch Kyrill and President Putin cause others either to hate or be scandalized. Prominent Catholics acting like pagans! In the 22 years President Putin has led Russia, he has said clearly what he intends to do, and then does it. If people like Weigel and Royal were half as Christian as President Putin we would be a million times better off. President Putin said clearly he is not fighting Ukraine. He is stopping the Nazis from killing Ukrainians in Donbass. Though they now want nothing to do with Ukraine. Just check out Ukrainian Nazis, most of whom, like Stephen Bandera, were Greek Catholics. Metropolitan Sheptytsky tried all he could to stop them but in vain. They killed hundreds of thousands of Poles in 1943 to 1945 and are responsible for killing the Jews. Metropolitan Sheptytsky even asked the Pope to say the exorcism over them.

    Well, the day these so called Catholic journalists stop regurgitating Media lies, leave their comfortable offices and homes and go to Donbass and see for themselves the truth, then maybe we can believe them. Like Patrick Lancaster, an independent American journalist right there now in Mariupol. You should watch his you tubes. That’s real journalism.

    Thank you and God bless you.

    —Sr. Maria


    (2) I received this letter from a reader in Ireland:

    Dear Dr. Moynihan,

    Thank you so much for your great letter on the above. Your great clarity in placing Viganò alongside Sheen is just brilliant… no-one could argue all those points you made with both of them.     

    Thank you so much for such a great examination of all concerned arguments. Sadly I have noticed how Weigel has become somewhat ‘side-tracked’ for whatever reason, along with many other well known Catholics, which is a great shock.

    Again, thank you for your great discernment.

    Yours in Jesus Christ,

    —Joan, Ireland    


    (3) I received this letter from a Catholic reader in the Czech Republic:

    Thank you so much for this letter! It has helped me so very much to navigate the various narratives that have been offered as explanations for this period we are living through. Nothing matches Viganò’s insightful commentary; with its depth and clarity, it is just what we need to hear in order to return to the divine intentions of Our Creator.

    Suzanne, Czech Republic

    (4) And this from another reader in the United States:

    Dear Mr. Moynihan, this is an excellent eye opener. We are fed propaganda. When the economy is bad, a way is found to produce weapons and make war. Lord have mercy on us.

    Thank you,



    (5) And this also from an American reader:

    Dear Robert,

    What will it take to get peace started? The complete removal of laws throughout the world which okay and promote the murder, daily, of the Holy innocents. Remember the 2 years old and under who were murdered by Herod, in order to be sure he had the King of the prophecy killed? Only, Herod missed by miles, as the Family was on its way to Egypt, wholly protected by the Child’s Father.

    Can the “theys” not see that the rejection of our Lord Jesus, our Saviour, our God, and the daily murders of the Holy Innocents, the rejection of God’s creation of human sexuality, and so much more, are the reasons why humanity will always have wars in one place or another in the world. 

    Jesus said that He came not to bring peace, but a sword. And the Sword of the Holy Spirit is the Word of God, Living and True, Sharper than any two-edged Sword, to the dividing of joints and marrow, soul and spirit, and to the laying open the thoughts and intentions and deeds of humanity.

    How long do “they” really think it will be before God passes judgment on the United States of America for all of its continuing sins??? 

    Judgment on America is here. A few “good appearing” years may yet come to pass when 2022 and 2024 elections take place, but do be aware that those would be times given by God for witnessing to Jesus as we do now, led of and by the Holy Spirit. 

    Maybe do a letter about the great need of preparing one’s heart to go through those coming times, by learning John 16: 25-27. God our Father loves fathering us. And those who have difficulty knowing Him as our Father, may well need to forgive their earthly father.

    If only Francis and the Bishops, daily called for repentance and an end to the murders because those are God’s children being killed, and for an end to the counterfeits of God’s created human sexuality (LGBT, and more), for acceptance worldwide of Jesus Christ, of admitting Vatican II was in error concerning Islam’s god, and more …. even the UN calls for abortion “rights” worldwide ……

    Anyway, the Prince of this World is working very hard to keep anything like that from happening, and his success is very sad.

    God bless you all the days, 


    (6) And this from a reader in the Virgin Islands:

    Great job, as usual, Dr. Moynihan. 


    (7) And this from an American Catholic lawyer:

    Doctor: What a boxing match. Too bad is not in Madison Square Garden. Your role is not to be the referee but rather the Journalist writing at a fast pace about what is taking place. The fighters are giving their all but George W will drop out, of the bout because he already has a bloody nose. The Archbishop is a natural pugnacious person with a pure heart and a stiff upper lip. You are not his trainer or his promoter. But a friend because of all of his activities. That he is still with us, is a testament to Gods Will, that he continue to speak. He is like Job! 

    The whole World Economic Forum business is an entity acting with an unknown license. No body has elected them to anything. Yet they rule. How can this be? The answer is money. Russia is the prize that they want today. But to find her today they will have to enter the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They will not go there. They are afraid of Our Lady. She is too Supernatural. So they will back off. 

    The Orthodox World is in great turmoil. It is in a wrestling match. You could referee that one but not to decision. It is right now, totally out of breath. You have as a person and as a Magazine already done so much good in organizing peace between the Religious of both East and the West but what is needed now is clarity. Clarity about what has actually happened in Russia since the Consecration of JP11 in 1984. You know this story but very few others know it. So tell it generally about how Religion was restored in Russia. Answer the question of, “was it real?”. If yes, then how so, was it real. Give the numbers of Priests and Seminarians and Church’s restored etc, etc. 


    (8) And this from another American:

    Robert, thank you for your emailed letters. I look forward to them, although I never comment.

    I was extremely aggravated with Weigel’s piece discrediting, actually insulting, the good Archbishop Vigano for what he expressed in his March 16th declaration regarding Russia. I cannot imagine what drove him (Weigel) so low as to refer to his Excellency as “unhinged”, but I thought it was uncalled for (and inaccurate). On the contrary, it seems the Archbishop makes more sense than most voices these days. And I am familiar with Ms. Farrah’s article as well (happy to see you forwarded it!). There is so much concern over the “words” of this consecration being valid, but I think people need to look at the root cause, and it seems Ms. Farrah, with help form the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen, brings much of that to light. Has man converted in heart back to God? I don’t see that. Globalism, Modernism, Secularism…in our country, the world, and within the walls of the Vatican. The future appears dire until people turn back to God, and only with Him will peace be found. Archbishop Vigano made excellent, factual points, and the West really needs to take a good look at itself. It appears the west is a driving force behind the disaster that is Ukraine.

    God bless you and your good work.


    (9) This from a reader in London, England:

    Dear Bob,

    You are doing us an invaluable service. The Farrah article on how to interpret Fatima is new to me and revelatory. While Archbishop Viganò’s riposte to George Weigel (who I used to admire) is magisterial. As for Viganò’s claim that he is one of the few participants in these debates who is not “owned,” it is unfortunately all too true. As is the fact that the voices that are cancelled are invariably the independent ones.

    May God continue to bless your work,

    —James, London

    (10) This from a reader in Minnesota:

    Wow. Thank you, Robert Moynihan. I’m so glad we found Archbishop Vigano😊. What a guy. What a gift. God is good to us.

    —Sue, Minnesota    

    (11) This from another American Catholic:

    The Vigano supporter Barbara Farrah “strongly disagrees”. I strongly disagree with her and support George Weigel.


    (12) And, from a prominent Catholic scholar:    

    What a tragedy that Viganò appears to have gone mad; he has done good things in the past.   

    —name withheld

    (13) And this, the last letter for now, is from a friend in Ukraine:

    Hi Robert,    

    It seems to me that you are caring more about the vulnerability of Russia than caring about those countries that Russia invaded Moldova, Chechnya, Georgia, and now Ukraine.  If Putinism would be not condemned and punished as it was with Nazizm, the list could be bigger. And maybe one day you would wake up in newrussia and not the USA because Putin would decide to liberate millions of Russians who are living here already. Of course, you have a choice of which regime to choos even now… Unfortunately, many people still do not understand that Putin can be stopped just with power or some miracle and not just persuasion. I even don’t believe that Putin would respect any peace treaties. 

    With best regards,

    Olha (Olga), Lviv, Ukraine

    I replied:

    I thank you for this letter.

    I am not a “fan” of Putin. I do not support the destruction of Ukraine and the death of many. 

    I do think there are deep politics which lie beneath and behind this conflict — and other conflicts — which are the result of global plan to engineer a “post-Christian” humanity.

    I will try my best to explain this.

    I pray for peace in Ukraine, every day.



    Here below is the interview with Sergey Glazyev.

    “Events like this happen once a century”: Sergey Glazyev on epochal shifts and changing ways of life (link)

    March 29, 2022

    Original Link:

    Translated via Yandex

    Sergey Glazyev, with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is said that Glazyev’s ideas of geopolitics are known to Putin and influential in his thought

    Sergey Glazyev, 61 (link), an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and former official adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin recently gave an interview with the Russian business magazine BUSINESS Online about what the Russian economy, whether a new world currency will replace the dollar. In the interview, he maintains that “the new world economic order is ideologically socialist.”

    The questions are in bold, the answers of Glazyev in regular text. The translation from the original Russian has been done by a translation program, and is rough in some places.

    Glazyev makes various claims throughout his interview (for example, on the origin of the Covid virus) which are, of course, his own opinions.

    – Sergey Yuryevich, commenting on today’s tragic events, you wrote in your telegram channel that it was necessary to read your book about the “last world war,” written about 6 years ago. How did you manage to predict everything so accurately?

    — The fact is that there are long-term patterns of economic development, the analysis and understanding of which allows us to predict events that are currently taking place. We are now experiencing a simultaneous change in technological and world economic structures, while the technological basis of the economy is changing, the transition to fundamentally new technologies is taking place, and the management system is also being transformed. This kind of event occurs about once a century. However, technological patterns change about once every 50 years, and their change is usually accompanied by a technological revolution, depression, and an arms race. And world economic patterns change once every 100 years, and their change is accompanied by world wars and social revolutions. This is due to the fact that the ruling elite of the core countries of the old world economic structure prevents changes, does not take into account the emergence of more effective management systems, tries to block the development of new world leaders using them, and tries to maintain its hegemony and monopoly position by any means, including military and revolutionary ones.

    Say, 100 years ago, the British Empire was trying to maintain its hegemony in the world. When it was already losing economically to the combined resources of the Russian Empire and Germany, the First World War provoked by British intelligence was unleashed, during which all three European empires self-destructed. I am talking about the collapse of tsarist Russia, the German and Austro-Hungarian empires, but this also includes the fourth-Ottoman Porto. As for Britain, it held global dominance for a while and even became the largest empire on the planet. But due to the inexorable laws of socio-economic development, the colonial world economic system, based in fact on slave labor, could no longer provide economic growth. Introduced two completely new political models of Soviet and American — has demonstrated a much greater production efficiency, because they were organized on different principles: not for private family capitalism, and the power of large transnational corporations with centralized structures of economic regulation and limitless monetary emission using Fiat currency (paper or electronic meansapprox. ed.). They enabled mass production of products much more efficiently than the control systems of the colonial empires of the nineteenth century.

    The emergence of social states in the USSR and the United States with centralized management systems made it possible to make a sharp leap in their economic development; In Europe, the corporate governance system was formed, unfortunately, according to the Nazi model in Germany, and also not without the help of British intelligence. Hitler, backed by British intelligence agencies and American capital, quickly deployed a centralized corporate governance system in Germany, which allowed the Third Reich to quickly take over all of Europe. With God’s help, we defeated this German (or rather, European — taking into account today’s realities) fascism. After that, two models remained in the world, which I refer to as the imperial world economic order: the Soviet and the Western (with the center in the United States). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, which failed to withstand global competition due to the fact that the directive management system was not flexible enough to meet the needs of technological progress, the United States for a while seized global dominance.

    — But now this period of “American unipolar loneliness” is already passing, and probably not only thanks to Russia, but first of all to China and the Asian regions as such. Isn’t that right?

    — Indeed, the hierarchical vertical structures characteristic of the imperial world economic system turned out to be too rigid to ensure continuous innovation processes and lost their comparative effectiveness in ensuring the growth of the world economy. On its periphery, a new world economic order has been formed, based on flexible management models, a network organization of production, where the state works as an integrator, combining the interests of various social groups around achieving one goal — raising public welfare. The most impressive example of such an integrated world economy today is China, which has been three times faster than the growth rate of the American economy for more than 30 years. At the moment, China already surpasses the United States in terms of output, exports of high-tech goods, and growth rates.

    Another example of the model of the new world economic order, which we called integral (due to the fact that the state in it unites all social groups that differ in their interests), is India. It has a different political system, but it also has the primacy of public interests over private interests, and the State seeks to maximize growth rates in order to combat poverty. In this sense, the new world economic order is ideologically socialist. At the same time, it uses market mechanisms of competition, which makes it possible to ensure the highest concentration of resources for the technological revolution in order to ensure economic leaps based on a new advanced technological order. If we look at the growth rate since 1995, the Chinese economy has grown 10-fold, while the American economy has grown only 15 percent. Thus, it is already obvious to everyone that the pace of global economic development is currently shifting to Asia: China, India and Indochina countries already produce more products than the United States and the European Union. If we add Japan or Korea, where the management system is similar in its principles of integrating society around the goal of improving public welfare, we can say that today this new world economic order already dominates the world, and the center of reproduction of the world economy has moved to Southeast Asia. Of course, the American ruling elite cannot agree with this.

    “Put up with it, I’d say…

    – Yes. They, like the British Empire once did, seek to maintain their hegemony in the world. The events taking place today are a manifestation of how the financial and power oligarchic elite of the United States is trying to maintain world domination. It can be said that for the past 15 years, it has been waging a global hybrid war, seeking to chaotize countries beyond its control and restrain the development of the PRC. But due to the already archaic management system, they cannot do this. The financial crisis of 2008 was such a transitional moment when the life cycle of the outgoing technological order actually ended and the process of mass redistribution of capital to a new technological order began, the core of which is a complex of nano-bioengineering and information communication technologies. All countries started pumping money into their economies. The simplest thing a modern state can do is to give all businesses access to cheap long-term money so that they can adopt new technologies. But if in America and Europe such funds were spent mainly in financial bubbles and provided budget deficits, then in China this huge monetary issue was completely directed to the growth of production and the development of new technologies. There were no financial bubbles, while the ultra-high monetization of the Chinese economy did not lead to inflation, the growth of the money supply was accompanied by an increase in the output of goods, the introduction of new advanced technologies and an increase in public welfare.

    Today, economic competition has already led to the fact that the United States has lost its leadership. If you remember, Donald Trump tried to contain China’s development through a trade war, but nothing came of it.


    “The Americans opened a biological war front by launching the coronavirus in China”

    — Why not? Did Trump, who is used to taking risks and going all-in, not have enough determination?

— Even Trump couldn’t do it, because China has a more efficient management system, which allows us to concentrate the available production resources as fully as possible. At the same time, effective money management keeps the money issue in the contour of expanded reproduction of the real sector of the economy, focusing on financing development investments. China has reached the highest savings rate of any country: about 45 percent of GDP is invested, compared to 20 percent in the United States or Russia. This, in fact, ensures the ultra-high growth rate of the Chinese economy.

    In general, the United States was doomed to defeat in this trade war, because the Middle Kingdom can produce products more efficiently and finance development cheaper. The entire banking system in China is state-owned, it operates as a single development institution, directing cash flows to expand output and develop new technologies. In the United States, the money supply is used to finance the budget deficit and is reallocated to financial bubbles. As a result, the efficiency of the US financial and economic system is 20 percent-there only one in five dollars reaches the real sector, and in China almost 90 percent (that is, almost all the yuan created by the Central Bank of the PRC) feed the contours of expanding production and ensure ultra — high economic growth.

    Trump’s attempts to limit China’s development through trade war methods have failed. At the same time, they boomeranged on the United States itself. Then the Americans opened a biological war front, launching the coronavirus into China, hoping that the Chinese leadership would not cope with this epidemic and chaos would arise in China. However, the epidemic has shown poor health care effectiveness and has created chaos in the United States itself. The Chinese management system has also shown much greater efficiency here. In China, the death rate is significantly lower, and they coped with the pandemic much faster. Already in 2020, they even reached economic growth of 2 percent, while in the United States there was a decline of 10 percent of GDP (analysts noted the largest drop since World War IIed. ). Now the Chinese have regained growth rates of about 7 percent per year, and there is no doubt that China will continue to develop confidently, expanding the production of a new technological mode.

    In parallel with the trade war against China, the US special services were preparing a war against Russia, since the Anglo-Saxon geopolitical tradition considers our country to be the main obstacle to the establishment of world domination by the power and financial elite of the United States and Great Britain. I must say that the war against the Russian Federation unfolded immediately after the annexation of Crimea and after the American special services organized a coup in Ukraine. They can be said to have tricked Russia into agreeing to the American occupation of Ukraine, considering it as a temporary phenomenon. However, the Americans took root in the Square, created not only strong points, raising Nazis under their wing, but also trained the Nazi armed forces, gave the Nazis the opportunity to get a military education, trained them in their academies, and “flashed” all the Armed Forces of Ukraine with them. And for 8 years, they prepared the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight the only enemy-Russia. While the mass media, which is also completely controlled by the Americans in Ukraine, formed an image of the enemy in the public consciousness.

    In addition, the United States used the currency and financial front of a hybrid war against the Russian Federation. Already in 2014, they imposed the first financial sanctions and knocked out a significant part of Western loans from the Russian economy. Now we are seeing the next phase, when they have effectively disconnected Russia from the global monetary and financial system, where they dominate. However, all this was predicted by me 10 years ago, based on the theory of changing world economic patterns and the specific logic of the US ruling elite, focused on world domination. Anglo-Saxon geopolitics is traditionally oriented against the Russian Empire and its successors, the USSR and the Russian Federation, because, since the time of the British Empire, Russia has been seen as the main opponent of the Anlo-Saxons. All the so-called geopolitical science that was written in London was reduced, in fact, to a set of recommendations on how to destroy Russia as the dominant force in Eurasia. I mean all sorts of speculative constructions like “countries of the sea against countries of the land” and so on.

    — Why did Russia interfere with the “countries of the sea” so much? After all, geographically we have never bordered on the UK.

    — In this regard, a formula was invented: whoever controls Eurasia controls the whole world. Actually, applied development has already gone further. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s famous theorem says that in order to defeat Russia as a superpower, you need to tear Ukraine away from it. All this political dogma, which, it would seem, has long gone down in history, is nevertheless reproduced today in the thinking of the American political elite. I must say that there are still courses in 19th-century geopolitics at Harvard and Yale University, sharpening the brains of future American politicians against Russia. So they, in fact, jumped on this old and time-tested Russophobic stream, which has always been characteristic of Anglo-Saxon geopolitics. And, considering Russia as the main opponent of its domination in the world, they used Ukraine as an outpost, or rather, as a tool for undermining Russia, weakening it, and in the future for destroying it as a sovereign state, in accordance with Brzezinski’s proposal.

    So, what is happening today was easily predicted, based on a combination of long-term patterns of economic development, which actually condemned the world to a hybrid war, and the traditional Russophobia of the Anglo-Saxon political elite. After the weakening of the PRC did not turn out head-on through a trade war, the Americans transferred the main blow of their military and political power to Russia, which they see as a weak link in the global geopolitics and economy. In addition, the Anglo-Saxons seek to establish dominance over Russia in order to implement their eternal Russophobic ideas to destroy our country, and at the same time to weaken China, because the strategic alliance of the Russian Federation and the PRC is too tough for the United States. They have neither the economic nor military power to destroy us together, not separately, so the US initially sought to put us at odds with China. They didn’t succeed. But they, taking advantage of our, I would say, complacency, seized control of Ukraine, and today they are using our fraternal republic as a weapon of war to destroy Russia, and then-to seize control of our resources in order, I repeat, to strengthen their position and weaken the position of China. In general, all this is obvious, as twice two makes four.


    “The Americans will not be able to win, just as the British did not succeed in their time”

    — It’s probably obvious, but not for everyone. There are many opponents of an alliance with China among the Russian elite. At least before the special operation in Ukraine, it seemed to these people that American and Western culture were clearer and closer to us than Chinese hieroglyphic wisdom, and that we would always find a common language with our “Western partners”.

    — You know, back in 2015 I wrote the book “The Last World War. The United States starts and loses,” which you mentioned at the beginning of the conversation — everything was thought out and justified there. The United States launched a global hybrid war-starting with the Orange revolutions [Note: first in Ukraine in 2004, then again in Ukraine in 2014] – to disrupt those regions of the world that it did not control — in order to strengthen its position and weaken the position of its geopolitical competitors. After the famous Munich speech of President Putin (February 2007ed.) they realized that they had lost control of Yeltsin’s Russia, and they were seriously concerned. In 2008, the financial crisis broke out and it became clear that the transition to a new technological order was beginning, and the old world economic order and the old management system no longer provide for progressive economic development. China takes the lead. Well, then the logic of the world war unfolds, only not in the forms that existed 100 years ago, but on three conditional fronts — monetary and financial (where the United States still dominates the world), trade and economic (where they have already lost the primacy to China) and information and cognitive (where the Americans also have superior technologies). They are using all three fronts to try to hold the initiative and maintain the hegemony of their corporations.

    And finally, the fourth front — the biological one, which opened with the appearance of the coronavirus from the US-China laboratory in Wuhan. Today we see that a whole network of biological laboratories existed in Ukraine. So the United States has long been preparing to open a biological front for world War II.

    The fifth, and most obvious, front is, in fact, the front of military operations-as the last tool for forcing the states they control to obey them implicitly. Today, the situation on this front is also getting worse. In other words, active operations are underway on all five fronts of the global hybrid war and it is possible to predict the result. The Americans will not be able to win, just as the British did not succeed in their time. Although Britain formally won the Second World War, they lost politically and economically. The British lost their entire empire, more than 90 percent of their territory, and 95 percent of their population. Two years after the Second World War, where they were the victors, their empire collapsed like a house of cards, because the other two winners — the USSR and the United States — did not need this empire and considered it an anachronism. Similarly, the world will not need American multinational corporations, the US dollar, US currency and financial technologies and financial pyramids. All this will soon be a thing of the past. Southeast Asia will become an obvious leader in global economic development, and a new world economic order will be formed before our eyes.

    — To paraphrase Remarque, we can say that changes have finally come to the western front. But what signs do you see of this powerful global system’s imminent demise?

    — After the Americans first seized the Venezuelan foreign exchange reserves and handed them over to the opposition, then-the Afghan foreign exchange reserves, before that — the Iranian ones, and now — the Russian ones, it became absolutely clear that the dollar ceased to be the world currency. Following the Americans, this stupidity was also committed by Europeans — the euro and the pound ceased to be world currencies. Therefore, the old monetary and financial system is living out its last days. After the US dollars that no one needs are sent back to America from Asian countries, the collapse of the global monetary and financial system based on dollars and euros is inevitable. Leading countries are switching to national currencies, and the euro and dollar are no longer foreign exchange reserves.

    — How do you see the world after the disappearance of the dollar monopoly?

    — We are currently working on a draft international agreement on the introduction of a new world settlement currency, pegged to the national currencies of the participating countries and to exchange-traded goods that determine real values. We won’t need American and European banks. A new payment system based on modern digital technologies with a blockchain is developing in the world, where banks are losing their importance. Classical capitalism based on private banks is a thing of the past. International law is being restored. All key international relations, including the issue of world currency circulation, are beginning to be formed on the basis of contracts. At the same time, the importance of national sovereignty is being restored, because sovereign countries are coming to an agreement. Global economic cooperation is based on joint investments aimed at improving the well-being of peoples. Trade liberalization ceases to be a priority, national priorities are respected, and each state builds a system for protecting the internal market and its economic space that it considers necessary. In other words, the era of liberal globalization is over. Before our eyes, a new world economic order is being formed — an integral one, in which some states and private banks lose their private monopoly on the issue of money, on the use of military force, and so on.


    “The third scenario is catastrophic. Destruction of humanity”

    — And why did you name your book “The Last World War”? What makes you hope that this global war is really the last?

    — I called this world war the last, because we see that there are several scenarios of movement out of today’s crisis. The first scenario, which I have already described, is a calm and prosperous one. It consists in overcoming the US monopoly. In order to do this in the financial sector, you need to abandon the dollar. In order to overcome the monopoly in the information and cognitive sphere, we need to isolate our information space from the American one and switch to our own information technologies. Creating their own contours of economic reproduction, but without the US dollar and euro, and relying on their information technologies for managing money, the countries of the new world economic order ensure high rates of economic development, while the Western world collapses. There is a situation of collapsing financial pyramids, disorganization and a growing economic crisis, aggravated by rising inflation due to uncontrolled money issuance over the past 12 years.

    The second scenario of possible development of events is similar to the one that Hitler wanted to implement during the change of previous world economic structures. This is an attempt to create a world government with a superhuman ideology. If Hitler thought of the German nation as superhumans, then the current ideologists of world domination impose a transition to a post-humanoid state on humanity. In contrast to the posthumanism of the West, the core countries of the new world economic order are characterized by a socialist ideology, albeit with respect for private interests, protection of private property and the use of market mechanisms. In China, India, Japan, and Korea, socialist ideology — or rather, a mixture of socialist ideology, national interests, and market competition-dominates. It is this mixture that forms a fundamentally new power and political elite, focused on economic development and the growth of the welfare of nations.

    Western politicians, intellectuals, and businessmen have a different approach. What we are seeing today is an attempt to create a certain image of a new world order with a world government at the head, where people are driven into an electronic concentration camp. You can see from the example of restrictions during the pandemic, how it happened: all people are given tags, access to public goods is regulated by QR codes, and everyone is forced to walk in formation. By the way, in the Rockefeller Foundation scenario back in 2009, the pandemic and, in fact, everything that happened in connection with it was laid out in a stunning way — they actually predicted the future. This scenario was called Lock Step, that is, “Walk in formation”, and the Western world followed it. By sacrificing their own democratic values, people are being forced to obey commands. International organizations, including the World Health Organization, are used as a kind of base for assembling a world government that would be subordinate to private capital.

    But, I must say, Donald Trump strongly hindered these plans, because he stopped the signing of the transatlantic and trans-Pacific partnership agreements, where all countries participating in the treaties sacrificed national sovereignty in all disputes with big business. And you need to understand that today any multinational corporation can act as a foreign investor, including in the United States. According to these agreements, if foreign capital is present in a business, then in a dispute with the national government, an international arbitration court is formed, it is not clear how and by whom it was drawn up. And these unelected judges, appointed, in fact, by large international businesses, resolve these disputes. In fact, the point was that the state was losing all sovereignty in regulating relations with big business. However, Trump stopped the agreement — the United States did not sign it. Thus, the process of forming a world government was stopped. This is the second alternative, and it is currently experiencing a crisis due to the collapse of the idea of globalization and the gradual abandonment of “pandemic” restrictions.

    We must understand that the world government option is incompatible with a sovereign Russia, with our independence and role in the world. In the globalist scenario, the Russian Federation is considered as a territory that is intended for exploitation by Western multinational corporations. At the same time, the” indigenous population ” should serve their interests. Under this scenario, Russia disappears as an independent entity, as does China. The Western world government may incorporate some of our oligarchs into its own version of the future, but only on the second and third roles.

    The third scenario is catastrophic. The destruction of humanity…

    — The apocalypse everyone’s talking about?”

    — Well, not all of them… But everyone is definitely afraid. By the way, about American bio-labs that synthesize dangerous viruses, it was said in another book of mine, published a little later: “The Plague of the XXI century: how to avoid disaster and overcome the crisis?”.

    I remember that back in 1996, when I had to work in the UN Security Council, I proposed to develop a national biosecurity concept. Because even then, almost 30 years ago, genetics was a sufficiently advanced science to synthesize viruses directed against people of a certain race or a certain gender, a certain age. This has long been possible. You can create a virus that will work only against whites or, conversely, only against blacks, only against men or only against women. Now the Americans are going further — you can see that, according to the data of our Ministry of Defense, announced the day before, American biolabs were developing viruses aimed against the Slavs. Apparently, it is now possible to make a virus against some ethnic group that has its own genetic code.

    What is happening in Ukraine today is an echo of the agony of the US ruling elite, which cannot accept that it will no longer be a world leader. This is becoming clear to everyone — at least to those who are not connected with Americans by their interests and are not subject to their cognitive influence.


    [Note: End, Glazyev interview. The interview continues at some length, focusing on economic issue involving the dollar, the Russian ruble, and Russia’s central bank. You may read the rest here, link)

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