Christ is the center of history.” —Pope Francis, November 25, 2013 (link)

    Letter #85, 2023 Monday, April 17: Live from Rome and Budapest: a Conversation with Russian Orthodox Theologian Philip Champion

    Breaking news from Budapest.

    We spoke yesterday evening via internet from Rome, on the Orthodox Easter, with a brilliant young Russian Orthodox theologian, Philip Champion, now living and working in Budapest, Hungary, about a new initiative under the direction of Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, 56, the Metropolitan of Budapest for his Church (he has four parishes under his episcopal authority) with contributions also from the well-known American Orthodox convert and writer Rod Dreher, who is also now living in Budapest.

    This initiative suggests that something religiously and culturally significant is taking place in Budapest, worthy of note.

    The initiative is Christocentric — focused and centered on Christ, Christ-centered.

    It seeks to set Christ at the center of history, and of the meaning of human existence.

    In this sense, the initiative is apolitical.

    It focuses on the kingdom of heaven, of Christ, which is not of this world.

    This is perhaps the most important, and compelling, aspect of this new project.

    It looks at the nature of man, and reflects on man’s final end and deepest longing, and in this reflection, it is offering a profound critique of contemporary secular culture worthy of your attention.

    Here, and also below, is a link to last night’s video conversation. —RM


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