Pope Francis continues his worldwide promotion of his monthly prayer requests with his fourth video. In this month’s video, Pope Francis calls attention to the plight of Small Farmers.

Pope Francis first expresses his gratitude for Small Farmers worldwide “I thank you, Small Farmer. What you do is essential for the life of all . . . As a person, as a child of God, you deserve a decent life.”

Yet in these hard economic times  Small Farmers have suffered more than most. Pope Francis expresses his concerns for their well being as he poses the question, “How is your work compensated?”

“This earth is a gift from God. It is not right to exploit it for the benefit of just a few, depriving the great majority of their rights and benefits,” the pope continues as the moving images flash across the screen.

The Pope finishes his reflections with an invitation for all people to join in the prayer,“that small farmers may receive just compensation for their invaluable work.”

“The Pope Video”  is an initiative begun by Pope Francis, in collaboration with the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, and can be found on every continent. All of Pope Francis’s videos can be viewed at https://thepopevideo.org.

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