Opening these pages, the reader joins Blessed John Paul II as he journeys into the Alpine mountains, along pathways in view of distant peaks and glaciers, causing the reader to experience through these breathtaking photographs, along with the Pope, the solitude and grandeur of those regions. The photographs in this volume capture some images from the Pope’s “holidays”: visits to distant Alpine sanctuaries, celebrations amid the peaked “cathedrals” of nature, meetings with mountain-dwellers, ordinary hikers, and many of the local children. The reader observers the Holy Father as he walked alone and captures the sense of John Paul II’s joy, as he beheld the purity and silence of his beloved mountains of northern and eastern Europe.

The breathtaking pictures of nature are accompanied with quotes from Blessed John Paul II’s addresses while on his visits.

This volume is an invitation to the reader to rediscover the silence within and around us, where God waits patiently for our attention.

Midwest Theological Forum – Urbi et Orbi Communications (2002)

Supervision: Robert Moynihan

Photography: Grzegorz Galazka

Hardcover. Full color. 165 Pages.

12 1/2″ x 9 3/4″ x 3/4″