Capuchin friars

Letter #59, 2016: The Face of Christ and Unity

September 18, 2016, Sunday -- The Face of Christ and Unity "Seeking the Face of Jesus must be the longing of all of us Christians... If we persevere in our quest for the Face of the Lord, at the end of our earthly pilgrimage, he, Jesus, will be our eternal joy, our reward and glory for [...]

Letter # 4, 2015: Leaving

January 8, 2015, Thursday — Leaving "The glory of God is man alive; but the life of man is the vision of God." —Irenaeus of Lyons, in the territory of France, c. 180 A.D. "Shekinah (Hebrew: שכינה‎), is the English transliteration of a Hebrew noun meaning dwelling or settling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of [...]

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Letter # 1, 2015: Vespers in Manoppello

January 2, 2015, Friday — Vespers in Manoppello "He puts an end to wars over all the world: he tramples the bow, shatters weapons, and burns the shields with fire."—Psalm 45 (46), chanted at Vespers this evening in Manoppello, Italy, and all over the world In the Shadow of the Veil I reached Manoppello today, on [...]

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