Domus Sanctae Marthae

"Proclaim the Gospel with humility"

Pope Francis Morning Mass - Casa Santa Marta - Vatican City, February, 7, 2014 Taking his cue from Friday’s Gospel which recounts the tragic death of John the Baptist, the Pope said John was the man God had sent to prepare the way for his son. He, Pope Francis continued, was a man in the court of Herod, filled [...]

"God too weeps, like a father who never disowns his children"

Pope Francis in his morning homily at Santa Marta - Vatican City - February 4, 2014 In his homily Pope Francis takes the day’s reading which portrays the figure of two fathers, King David who mourns the death of his rebel son Absalom and Jairus, the head of the Synagogue, who implores Jesus to heal his [...]

"Seek penance, trust in God in times of trouble"

Pope Francis homily at the Morning Mass - Casa Santa Marta - Vatican City - February, 3, 2014 Do not use God nor use others to defend yourself in times of trouble. That’s what Pope Francis warned in his homily Monday during mass at the Santa Marta guesthouse here in the Vatican. In his homily, Pope Francis [...]

"A Christian without the Church is incomprehensible"

Pope Francis explains the three pillars of this belonging to the Church: HUMILITY, FIDELITY and the SERVICE OF PRAYER” Pope Francis' morning mass - Casa Santa Marta, January 30, 2014 In his homily at Holy Mass on Thursday 30 January, Pope Francis reflected on a verse from Psalm 132 which he said “opens the door to [...]

The Pastoral Geopolitics of the Domus Sanctae Marthae

The first months of Pope Francis’ pontificate and the new view of the Vatican and the Church. The text was first published on the Il Sismografo website on December 20.  Geopolitics is synthetically, but appropriately, referred to as the discipline dealing with the relation between politics and geography. Also, a country’s foreign policy is deeply affected [...]

Pope Francis Preaching in domus sanctae marthae

Omelie Del Mattino - Nella Cappella Della Domus Sanctae Marthae. “The homily is a touchstone for assessing a pastor’s communicative ability and his closeness to the faithful. As a matter of fact, we know that the faithful attach great importance to preaching and suffer when listening as much as their pastor suffers when preaching. [...]