Hotel Capo d'Africa

Pappardella Ripiena con Funghi Porcini alla Pescatora. This elegant four-star, four-story boutique hotel, Capo d’Africa, opened in 2003 in a turn-of-the-20th-century building once a school. It is located on a short, quiet street of the same name in the heart of Imperial and medieval Rome, where pagan blends into early Christian. From here it [...]

Palazzo Cardinal Cesi – a hotel in the heart of christendom

Father Pancrazio Pfeiffer, General Superior of the Salvatorians (1915-1945). As mentioned in May’s “Food For Thought,” Palazzo Cardinal Cesi is a sister, but not the twin, of Residenza Paolo VI. Both founded as hotels and still managed by Hans-Albert Courtial, they have a similar number of rooms with every amenity at similar prices (depending [...]