Letter #12, 2017: A Communist Ecumenist?

March 27, 2017, Monday -- A Communist Ecumenist? Zyuganov on the Split between Eastern and Western Christianity I have been trying to drive home one fundamental point for more than 20 years now, both in the pages of Inside the Vatican magazine, and in the work of the Urbi et Orbi Foundation which seeks to "build [...]

Letter #11, 2017: Meet an Extraordinary Man This Week in DC

March 19, 2017, Sunday -- Meet an Extraordinary Man This Week in Washington D.C. Meet an Extraordinary Archbishop this Week in Washington D.C. "His name is Thaddeus" An extraordinary archbishop got on an airplane today in the the former East bloc to fly to Washington D.C. He will land in D.C. tonight. His name is Thaddeus [...]

Orthodox and Catholics set Christ at center of Europe's renewal

“As pastors we want to continue to bring the best of our moral teaching to our people, and as citizens to present it to our governments and to the European institutions,” two dozen Orthodox and Cath­olic bishops of Europe said in a joint statement issued after a 5-day meeting in Minsk, Belarus, in early June. “In [...]