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The Austrian Who Tossed The Pachamama Images in The Tiber

#3 Alexander Tschugguel The Austrian who tossed the Pachamama images in the Tiber “I only had one reason to do it: to defend the glory of God” On October 4, 2019, during a ceremony at the Vatican Gardens, a group of people were filmed bowing down before two wooden statues representing Pachamama, the “Mother Earth” goddess of [...]

Top Ten People of 2011: Mother Miriam

Mother Miriam (forrmerly Rosalind Moss) Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God is one of the most eloquent, passionate, filled-with-the-fire-of-faith women it has been our privilege to come to know. Born Rosalind Moss into a Conservative Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York, after a long spiritual journey, she became just four months ago, on [...]