'God's omnipotence is manifested in His mercy'

Pope Francis on Tuesday reminded the faithful that God’s infinite mercy prevails over all, but he warned against rigidity and invited Christians to always open their hearts.  The Pope was speaking during morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. Reflecting, for the second consecutive day, on a reading from the Book of Jonah, Pope Francis concluded that it is God’s mercy [...]

Unity is possible

· ​“When things become dark, more prayer is needed! And there will be more hope”. · This lesson from the Book of Jonah was offered by Pope Francis. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning. In Sacred Scripture, among the prophets of Israel, a rather anomalous figure stands out, a prophet who attempts to avoid the Lord’s [...]

On Jonah: Allowing God's Mercy to Work Through You

On Tuesday, 6 October, during the morning Mass at Santa Marta, Francis spoke about the risk of failing to understand and accept the mercy of God. He also recommended not being so obstinate and rigid as to consider as more important one’s own preaching, one’s own thoughts and “that whole list of commandments” that one must [...]