Morning Mass Homilies

A collection of the homilies from the Pope’s morning masses.

Pope at Mass: God asks of us an open heart full of compassion

CNS photo/Vatican Media "The medicine against hardheartedness is memory," says Pope Francis in his homily at Mass Tuesday morning at Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican. He invites Christians not to forget the grace of salvation that makes the heart sincere and capable of mercy. February 18, 2020 In his homily, Pope Francis reflected [...]

Pope at Mass: cherish those who accompany us in life

CNS photo/Vatican Media In his homily at Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Friday morning, the Pope invites Christians to remember those who accompany us in life as in a family. February 14, 2020 Pope Francis centered his homily on the theme of the family, which he said is not only made up of father, [...]

Pope at Mass: Beware of ‘slippery slide’ toward worldliness

CNS photo/Vatican Media In his homily at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta on Thursday, Pope Francis warns against letting our hearts wander unwittingly into apostasy. February 13, 2020 Pope Francis reflected on the First Reading (1 Kgs 11:4-13), which tells of the “apostasy of Solomon” as he turns away from the Lord in [...]

Pope at Mass: there is no humility without humiliation

CNS photo/Vatican Media Commenting on the day’s Gospel, Pope Francis exhorts Christians to follow the path of humiliation as indicated by Jesus and John. He also urges pastors not to give in to worldliness, to the “temptation to climb”. February 7, 2020 Don’t be “afraid of humiliation”.  Let us ask the Lord to send [...]

Pope at Mass: worldliness, a slow slide into sin

CNS photo/Vatican Media One of the evils of our time is to slip into a state where one loses the sense of sin. Pope Francis made the point in his homily at Mass Friday morning at the Casa Santa Marta, noting that even a holy king like David had fallen into this temptation. Worldliness, [...]

Pope at Mass: ‘God will judge us with the same measure we have for others’

  CNS photo/Vatican Media Pope Francis urges the faithful to relate to others in a truly “Christian” way which is generous and full of love, and he explains that we will be judged with the same measure with which we measure others. January 30, 2020 Pope Francis reflected on the liturgical reading from the [...]

Pope at Mass: Christians without joy are prisoners of formalities

CNS photo/Vatican Media Pope Francis is urging Christians not to be ashamed of expressing their joy of meeting God and feeling His closeness. He made the exhortation at Mass at the Casa Santa Marta Tuesday morning, saying the Gospel will only go ahead with evangelizers full of joy, a joy that also continues in [...]

Pope at Mass: ‘Make room in your lives for the Word of God’

CNS photo/Vatican Media Pope Francis says we need God’s Word so that we can hear, amid the thousands of other words in our daily lives, that one word that speaks to us not about things, but about life. His call to the faithful comes during Holy Mass to celebrate the first Sunday of the [...]

Pope at Mass: ‘You can’t buy the Lord’s gifts’

Vatican Media Pope Francis celebrates morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta reminding believers that the Lord’s gifts are free and it is not Christian to seek favors in order to grow in ecclesiastical careers. January 21, 2020 To be a Christian, a priest or a bishop is a free gift from the Lord, [...]

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