Orlando Yorio

The Lives Saved by Fr. Bergoglio

“What if the cardinals have elected the wrong man?” That was the doubt which blogs and websites began to spread a few hours after the election of the first Latin American Pope. Even important international newspapers, Argentinian and Italian, insinuated that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, elected superior of the Argentinian Jesuits three years before the military putsch, [...]

Jorge Mario Bergoglio Like Oskar Schindler? Interview with Nello Scavo

Before this year’s March conclave, but also before the 2005 conclave, some Argentinians circulated a dossier accusing the archbishop of Buenos Aires of collaboration with the military regime in the 1970s. The media amplified these rumors even after the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Bishop of Rome. The rumors originated for the most part from [...]