Reflections for the Feast of Holy Family

On the Feast of the Holy Family we offer all the members of our own families on the altar for God’s blessing. Homily starter anecdote: Grandparents are a treasure: Pope Francis said that as a child, he heard a story of a family with a mother, father, many children and a grandfather. The grandfather, suffering from Parkinson’s [...]

Pope Francis ordains priests at Mass in Bangladesh

Pope Francis reflected on the nature and goals of the priesthood in his homily at Mass on Friday morning in Dhaka. During the Mass on the second day of his Apostolic Journey to Bangladesh, the Holy Father also ordained 16 young men to the priesthood. Much to the joy of the Catholic community of Bangladesh, Pope [...]

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Listening With One’s Heart

‘Our life is completely safe in the hands of Jesus and the Father’ Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! Today’s Gospel (JN 10: 27-30) gives us some expressions spoken by Jesus during the feast of the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem, which was celebrated at the end of December. He is right in the temple [...]