America’s “Abortion King” (Dr. Bernard Nathanson) and the “Catholic Strategy”

Decades of Political Support for Abortion Began With This Sophisticated Propaganda Campaign By Terry T. Beatley with Clare Ruff At a prayer vigil in November 2009, I discerned the Lord asking me to interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the last surviving co-founder of NARAL — the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (later [...]

The Austrian Who Tossed The Pachamama Images in The Tiber

#3 Alexander Tschugguel The Austrian who tossed the Pachamama images in the Tiber “I only had one reason to do it: to defend the glory of God” On October 4, 2019, during a ceremony at the Vatican Gardens, a group of people were filmed bowing down before two wooden statues representing Pachamama, the “Mother Earth” goddess of [...]

Top Ten People of 2011: Mercedes Wilson

Mercedes Arzu Wilson Mercedes Arzu Wilson is a “fighter for life,” one of the most prominent in the world. She has been part of Vatican delegations at United Nations’ conferences, has written books, has given lectures around the world, has prepared packages of materials and carried them to the post office, and has been [...]