Three dimensional Christians

A Christian is a person of hope, who knows and witnesses that Jesus lives, that he is among us, that he prays to the Father for each of us and that he will come again. This is how Pope Francis summed up the relationship between every Christian and the Risen Jesus, during Mass at Santa Marta [...]

“Anguish and Tears Must Never Be Forgotten”

Pope Francis enters the Great Synagogue of Rome (Galazka photo)   Pope Francis visited the Jewish synagogue of Rome on January 17. He emphasized the “rich, common spiritual heritage” of Jews and Christians While the Catholic Church affirms that salvation comes through Jesus, it also recognizes that God is faithful and has not revoked [...]

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“The way of the good God is not to create a spectacle: God acts in humility, in silence, in the small things”

God’s way is through “simplicity”. There is no point seeking it in “worldly spectacle”. In our life as well, He always acts “in humility, in silence, in the small things”. This was Pope Francis’ Lenten reflection in his homily during Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 9 March. As customary, the Pontiff’s thoughts were inspired [...]

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