Never slaves of the law

The hypocrite’s rigidity has nothing to do with the law of the Lord, but instead it deals with “something hidden, a double life” that enslaves us and makes us forget that being on God’s side means experiencing “freedom, gentleness, goodness and forgiveness”. These are precisely the attitudes of a Christian — who does not need to [...]

On God's Tender Love: “Do not be afraid, I am here”

A father or a mother tells their child: “Do not be afraid, I am here” and pampers the child with caresses. This is the privileged condition of man: small, weak, but reassured, supported and forgiven by a God who is in love with him. At the beginning of the Jubilee, Pope Francis took the opportunity to [...]

Reflections on the Family: The sick: "The family has always been the closest “hospital.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! We continue with the catecheses on the family, and in this catechesis I would like to touch on a very common aspect in the life of our families, that of sickness. It is an experience of our fragility, which we live in the main in the family, as children and [...]