Brazen faces

The “religion of appearances” or the “path of humility”? In the homily at Mass in the Chapel of Santa Marta on Tuesday, 11 October, Pope Francis indicated a decisive choice in the life of every Christian: that even when “doing good”, we can indeed meet with a dangerous misunderstanding – which is that of putting ourselves [...]

Like peeling an onion

There are many “Christians who strut about”, afflicted by vanity, who “live for appearances” and live “to be seen”. They end up turning their life into “a soap bubble”, pretty but fleeting, going round with too much makeup or perhaps trying to make a good impression by displaying a “cheque for works of the Church” or [...]

'The Beatitudes guide us on the path of Christian life'

Pope Francis has urged Christians to follow the indications provided in the Beatitudes in order to avoid taking the path of greed, vanity and egoism. Speaking on Monday morning during Mass at the Casa Santa Marta the Pope drew inspiration from the Gospel of Matthew and said the Beatitudes can be used as “navigators” that shine [...]

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“There are three things, three steps that separate us from Jesus: wealth, vanity and pride”

A Christian’s wage is that she bears a “likeness to Jesus”: there is no reward in cash or in power for one who truly follows the Lord, because the path is only that of service and giving freely. If we seek instead “good deal” in worldly terms of “wealth, vanity and pride”, our “head swells” and [...]

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