Brazen faces

The “religion of appearances” or the “path of humility”? In the homily at Mass in the Chapel of Santa Marta on Tuesday, 11 October, Pope Francis indicated a decisive choice in the life of every Christian: that even when “doing good”, we can indeed meet with a dangerous misunderstanding – which is that of putting ourselves [...]

The sickness of indifference

· ​The Pope tells catechists to find new ways of meeting and helping the poor · He calls for an end to the violence that has struck Mexico in recent days Pope Francis assured the “beloved Mexican people” of his prayers “that the violence, which in recent days has even affected several priests, may cease”. At [...]

On "Christian Identity, without Compromises, without a Double Life”.

Let us not be weakened by the worldly spirit but live Christian life coherently, without giving in or compromising. On Tuesday, 17 November, Pope Francis offered this message during his homily during Mass at Santa Marta. Following the path by which “the Church” in these days “prepares us for the end of the liturgical year”, the [...]

Christian Identity vs. the "Deceit of Worldliness”

We mustn’t put our Christian identity card “up for auction”, nor align ourselves with the worldly spirit that can lead to apostasy and persecution. Pope Francis identified these hazards during Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 16 November. The Pontiff dedicated his entire reflection to the First Reading, taken from the First Book of the [...]

Where is your Treasure? : "Riches have the tendency to grow, to take their place in life and in a person’s heart”

The treasures that count are those that are recognized by “heaven’s stock exchange”. They do not correspond to the greedy logic of mankind, and are destined to be consumed by “moth and rust”, and even to incite war. Thus the real secret is to conduct ourselves as authentic stewards who place all goods “at the service [...]

On falling from Devotion into Worldliness: "Trust in Him and not in other things"

A Christian must avoid the temptation of going from “religious astonishment of the encounter with the Lord” to seeking to take advantage of it for purposes of power, thereby giving in to the spirit of worldliness. This was Pope Francis’ admonition during Mass at Santa Marta on Monday, 20 April. His reflection was inspired by the [...]

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