Cover Art for Feb 2004 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 12, Number 02

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Lead Story
by Inside the Vatican staff
12 The Last Menorah
The story of the search for a holy flame.
by George P. Morse 24 Israel’s Conscience
Four men may awaken the nation’s soul.

by Peter Simek
26 Speaking Out
Cardinal Joos “on the record.”

by John Mallon
27 Mel Gibson and the Scandal of the Cross
“How I see the controversy.”

by Thomas A. Szyszkiewicz
28 The Way of La Crosse?
Archbishop Burke’s long road to St. Louis.

by Dietrich von Hildebrand
34 In Defense of the Old Liturgy
A classic defense of the old Mass.
by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani 38 The Ottaviani Intervention
After 35 years, we reprint a famous text.

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
50 Break-Dancing in the Vatican
It was a January to remember in Rome.

by Father Paul Haffner
61 “The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil”
St. Polycarp to the Philippians.

by Friar Tuck
62 A Beautiful Antique Door
…a carafe of red house wine.

January 2004

March-April 2004