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Letter #1, 2020: The Controversy over the Book

"O Salutaris Hostia, Quae caeli pandis ostium!" ("O Saving Victim, opening wide The gate of heaven to man below!") —A hymn in praise of Jesus Christ, composed by St. Thomas Aquinas, writing in the 1200s. Aquinas says the work of Jesus Christ was, through his sacrificial death, to open the gates of Heaven (eternity) to man. [...]

Letter #63, 2019: Viganò on Vienna

Top, a moment from the controversial fund-raising event in Vienna's Cathedral of St. Stephen on Saturday, November 30. The figure in the center of the top photo, and in the lower photo, is Austrian singer Thomas Neuwirth, also known as Conchita Wurst. Neuwirth is an Austrian recording artist and "drag queen" known for his stage persona Conchita Wurst. He uses masculine [...]

Letter #62, 2019: Viganò on the Danger of Syncretism

CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz, Lo Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has published a new essay on an Italian website. Below an English translation Above, an artist's conception of a night-time aerial view of the "Abrahamic Family House" in Abu Dhabi. Each building is dedicated to one of the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and [...]

Letter #60, 2019: Viganò: “He is a hero”

Photo Credit: Alexander Tschugguel/Twitter Alexander Tschugguel, 26, the young Catholic man from Vienna, Austria, who tossed five Pachamama images into the Tiber River in Rome on the morning of October 21. Tschugguel revealed in a video this morning that he was, in fact, the man, unidentified up until now, who took the images from [...]

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