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A Swiss Commandant Departs

Commandant Anrig in 2011 during a press conference.

In an unexpected decision, the current head of the Swiss Guard was dismissed. Why? On the front page of the Tuesday, December 2, edition of L’Osservatore Romano newspaper, in the popular column known as Nostre Informazioni (“Our Information”), readers learned that “the Holy Father has arranged for the end of the term of office of […]

Bischop Scicluna Returns

Vatican's UN ambassador Monsignor Silvano Tomasi speaks with former Vatican Chief Prosecutor of Clerical Sexual Abuse, Charles Scicluna (right).

Pope Francis has named former top prosecutor, who left Rome in 2012 to become a bishop in Malta, to head a new Vatican board for clergy abuse appeals. Pope Francis named the Vatican’s former chief prosecutor of clerical sex abuse cases to head his new doctrinal team dealing with appeals filed by clergy accused of […]

The Pope on Scholarship and Religious Dialogue

Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders hold a prayer service and vigil at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan.

Pope Francis tells scholars that Christians and Muslims need to study each other’s faith and values and “draw near each other on tip toes” without “raising dust”. Education about one’s own faith and the faith of others is the most effective antidote to interreligious violence, Pope Francis told participants in a conference on Catholic-Muslim scholarship […]

Francis: Become “Islands of Mercy”

Pope Francis during one of his audiences.

In his message for Lent 2015, Pope Francis urges all Catholics to “make your hearts firm” in “the sea of the world’s indifference”. Christians are called to overcome apathy, discouragement and pretentions of self-sufficiency by letting God enter into their hearts, making them joyful, merciful and strong, Pope Francis said. Through prayer, charity and humility […]

Boots on the Ground in Nigeria

A young girl displaced as a result of Boko Haram's attack in the northeast region if Nigeria.

A Nigerian bishop has called for Western intervention to stop the insurgent Islamic group Boko Haram, whose attacks have left 11,000 dead… Underlining the failure of the Nigerian government to stop the violent rampage of Boko Haram, a Catholic bishop has called for Western military intervention. The Muslim militant group’s increasingly deadly assaults and expanded recruitment from […]

Mamberti on the Freedom of the Church (2013)

Archbishop Dominique Mamberti speaks to the United Nations in New York.

Two years ago, Cardinal-designate Dominique Mamberti on January 16, 2013, granted an important interview to Vatican Radio which is published on the Vatican’s website. The interview is a thoughtful discussion of freedom for the Church and for Christian belief in an increasingly secular society, in light of cases then before the European Court of Human Rights. […]

Cardinals: Defenders of the Faith

Pope John Paul II and Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio.

The new cardinals chosen by Pope Francis are pastors of rapidly growing flocks in many “peripheral” regions of the world. But they are not “progressives.” Rather, they are staunchly orthodox men of Christian faith who are leading the Church into her future — which may not include the traditional “heartland” of the Church. In much of the secular […]

Letter # 6, 2015: People of the Year

February 10, 2015, Tuesday — Our “Top Ten” People of the Past Year (For Easter this year, which falls on April 5, we will be hosting a small group of friends of Inside the Vatican magazine in Rome for our Easter 2015 pilgrimage. We also will visit Assisi and Norcia — cities whose saints inspired […]

Letter # 5, 2015: Editorial

February 5, 2015, Thursday — The Peril the Pope Fears “I advise you to read it.” —Pope Francis, to the Vatican press corps, during a press conference on the papal airplane on January 19, flying back from the Philippines, referring to the novel by the British Catholic convert from Anglicanism, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, The […]

Tough Papal Christmas Greetings to Curia

Pope Francis and the Curia.

Pope Francis received the heads and other senior officials of the departments of the Roman Curia on Monday, December 22, in their traditional exchange of Christmas greetings. In remarks prepared for the occasion and delivered Monday morning, the Holy Father focused on the need for those who serve in the Curia —especially those in positions of power and authority — to remember and cultivate an […]

Francis: “The Presence Cancels the Sorrow”

Pope Francis last Christmas.

This Christmas, Pope Francis spoke of “being close“ to suffering children. “How much the world needs tenderness today,” he said, thinking of war and conflict in many places. Pope Francis celebrated Midnight Mass at 10:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve, December 24, to mark the Nativity of the Lord, and in his homily spoke of how much the world needs tenderness today. Prior to […]

“Society Needs You,” Pope Francis Tells Large Families

Pope Francis hands gifts to children during a meeting with an Italian association for large families to mark the feast of the Holy Family in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican on December 28.

Large families benefit society by offering a “model for solidarity and sharing,”  Pope said in one of his last public meetings of 2014… Addressing an estimated 7,000 members of the Italian National Association of Large Families at the Paul VI Audience Hall on December 28, Francis said: “In a world often marked by selfishness, the large family […]

Will Pope Francis Prevail in Cuba?

The enormous Christ of Havana statue overlooks the harbor and city of Havana, Cuba.

There are many who feel profound concern over the new “thaw” in US-Cuba relations. Some have denounced it, saying it leaves Castro’s regime in power. What is the Pope’s vision? It was an announcement both historic and unexpected. On December 17, the United States and Cuba agreed to restore diplomatic ties that had been severed […]

Is There More than One Pope Francis?

American Vaticanist John Allen.

American Vaticanist John Allen (photo) has written that, if in Rome “the most talked-about piece of rhetoric during the holiday season was Pope Francis’ December 22 blast at the Roman Curia,” then “a close second” was “Vittorio Messori’s own December 24 fusillade at the Pope, published in the Italian paper of record, Corriere della Sera.” As Allen put […]

A Pope of Contradictions?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Messori’s message has been attacked by some Italian Catholics who believe Messori is speaking for himself, but putting his concerns into the mouths of “ordinary Catholics” who, they claim, are not concerned about the Pope at all. I can speak for ordinary Catholics I know of and say that Messori’s observations are correct. Many Catholics are […]

Vittorio Messori: “Doubts” on the “Twists and Turns” of Pope Francis…

Vittorio Messori.

The following article by the most influential religious analyst in Italy, Vittorio Messori (main editor, among others, of The Ratzinger Report and of John Paul II’s Crossing the Threshold of Hope), has caused a great sensation in Italy since its publication in the Italian paper of record, Corriere della Sera, on Christmas Eve. The reactions from “progressive” authors have been violent and aggressive — in response to […]