The family is good news for the world


· ​Pope Francis’ letter in preparation for the World Meeting of Families · “The family continue[s] to be good news for today’s world”, Pope Francis wrote in a letter to Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life, in preparation for the ninth World Meeting of Families which will […]

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Letter #62, 2016: On the Knife’s Edge


October 3, 2016, Monday — The Pope Walks on the Knife’s Edge “Today there is a world war to destroy marriage.” —Pope Francis on Saturday, October 1, in Georgia, two days ago, in a meeting with priests, men and women religious, seminarians and pastoral workers at the Church of the Assumption “There are ideological colonizations […]

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‘To ignore the poor is to despise God’


Pope Francis says that to ignore the poor is to despise God and that the Lord’s mercy for us is tightly connected to our own mercy for others. Speaking on Wednesday morning at the weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square the Pope also decried the inequality and contradictions in the world as he reflected […]

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Piety is like pity


For those gathered at an extraordinary Jubilee General Audience at St Peter’s Square Saturday, Pope Francis said piety is not necessarily about devotion but more like “pity.” The pope’s catechesis for the occasion developed piety as one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. “When we hear this word,” he said, “we think of […]

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Letter #42, 2016: Day of Tears


May 5, 2016, Thursday — Pope Francis Celebrated Today in Rome the “Jubilee of Tears” — For All Who Weep and Are in Need of Consolation… “Jesus wept.” —John 11:35, the shortest verse in the Bible. The verse describes the reaction of Jesus to the news of the death of his friend Lazarus, the brother […]

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The Lord Doesn’t Weigh 99-1 Ratio of Sheep. He Seeks


Reminds Faithful in St. Peter’s Square That Christians Cannot Be Closed In on Themselves If I still have 99 of my sheep, but one has wandered off, what does it matter? Well, to the Good Shepherd, it matters a lot. Pope Francis explained this during his weekly General Audience this morning in St. Peter’s Square, […]

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We Are All Sinners, So Don’t Be a Hypocrite


Francis Makes Analogy to Explain Mercy; Says Doctors Can’t Fear ‘Contamination’ by Patients Don’t be a hypocrite and judge others as though you have never sinned yourself. Pope Francis stressed this during his weekly General Audience this morning in St. Peter’s Square, as he reflected on Luke’s Gospel which speaks of the Pharisee Simon and […]

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On Paschal Faith


“Upon those who follow the Lord Jesus, the light of Easter already shines forever” Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! The Gospel of today tells of the third apparition of the Risen Jesus to the disciples, at the shore of the Sea of Galilee, with the recounting of the miraculous catch (cf John 21:1-19). The […]

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When Saying ‘He Is a Sinner,’ Ask Yourself ‘And What Am I?’


“How many times we say: “But he is a sinner, he has done this, and that …”, and we judge others. And you? Each one of us should ask himself: Yes, he is a sinner, and I?” Pope Francis observed this during his address at this morning’s General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, while stressing […]

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The “Misericordina” Becomes “Plus”

A priest distributes boxes shaped like pills boxes but which contain a rosary, at the end of Pope Francis' traditional appearance in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013. Pope Francis said that the rosary is like a medicine for the heart and small boxes containing rosaries were distributed to faithful at the end of Pope's traditional Angelus prayer in St. Peter's Square. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

The Pope hands out a new version of his recommended “spiritual medicine” in Rome to heal wounded hearts and souls “Lent is a good time to travel a path of conversion that has mercy at its center. Because of this, I’ve decided to give to those who are here in the Piazza a ‘spiritual medicine’ […]

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On God Being Greater Than Our Sins


‘God is greater than our sin. Let us not forget this: God is greater than our sin! … Let’s repeat this together…’ THE HOLY FATHER’S CATECHESIS Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! Today we finish the catecheses on mercy in the Old Testament, and we do so meditating on Psalm 51, known as the Miserere. […]

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We Can Become New Creatures


Urges Faithful to Drop Stones We Have Ready to Throw at Others, For We All Are Greater Than Our Sins No matter what, we can become new creatures. Today, the three year anniversary of his election as Pope, Pope Francis urged faithful in St. Peter’s to realize this during his Angelus address at noon. Reflecting […]

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A history of failed faithfulness


Acknowledging that we are sinners and being able to ask for forgiveness is the first step in a decisive response to the question that Jesus asks each of us directly: “are you with me or against me?”. Thus, during Mass at Santa Marta on Thursday, 3 March, the Pope invited us to open ourselves unconditionally […]

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We Can’t Have Hardened, Closed Hearts


Francis Stresses No Matter How Much Knowledge You Have, If You Don’t Open Your Heart and Mind, You Are a Hypocrite Only with open hearts and admitting we are sinners, we can receive God’s mercy. Pope Francis stressed this during his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, reported Vatican Radio. Drawing inspiration from today’s […]

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God Will Make Our Scarlet Sins White Like Snow


At General Audience, Also Warns Corrupt Benefactors That Church Doesn’t Want ‘Dirty Money,’ But Opening of Hearts to God’s Mercy Our sins, even if they are red like scarlet, will be made white like snow. Pope Francis said this during this morning’s General Audience, as he continued his catechesis on Divine Mercy. The Jesuit Pontiff […]

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The forgiveness equation


Mercy was at the heart of the liturgy on Tuesday, 1 March. It was the “most repeated word” and thus the focus of Pope Francis’ reflection during Mass at Santa Marta. This concept resonated throughout the entire liturgy. In the Responsorial Psalm we repeated the phrase: “Remember your mercies, O Lord”. It is, the Pontiff […]

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St. Paul, Witness and Preacher of Mercy


“The faith of the Apostle Paul is the experience of being loved by Jesus Christ in a totally personal way; it is the consciousness of the fact that Christ has faced death not for something anonymous, but for love of him — of Paul — and that, as the Risen One, He still loves him, […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Convert


“Have you thought about the patience of God?” Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! Every day, unfortunately, the newspapers report bad news: homicides, accidents, catastrophes… in the passage from today’s Gospel, Jesus refers to two tragic happenings of his day which had caused a stir: a cruel suppression carried out by Roman soldiers in the […]

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God Is Greater Than Humans’ ‘Evil,’ ‘Dirty’ Games


Also Says ‘Mercy Heals, Can Transform History,’ and ‘Prophet Isaiah Wasn’t a Communist’ Mercy can change history and heal wounds, so open your heart to it. And if you are in a position of power and have abused it, remember your social responsibility and start anew. During his weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, […]

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Christians Have to Walk the Walk


“How many parents say they are Catholics, but never have time to talk to their children, to play with their children, to listen to their children”   Christians cannot claim to be “very Catholic” and then not live in accordance with what Christ teaches, Pope Francis said today in his morning homily at Casa Santa […]

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