Letter #13, 2017: Holy Saturday

April 15, 2017, Holy Saturday From Norcia to Chieti During Holy Saturday, on the Vigil of Easter, silence. Time to stand apart. To stand aside. To divest of all, thoughts, hopes, judgments, even fears. To divest, to unclothe, as did Francis of Assisi, before the bishop of Assisi in 1207, when he gave back everything […]

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Letter #32, 2016: Back from Greece


April 16, 2016, Saturday — Pope Returns to Rome from the Island of Lesbos, Greece, Gives Airplane Press Conference, and… …Twelve Refugees Return with Pope Francis to the Vatican Pope Francis has gone to Lesbos, Greece, and returned to Rome. And he has brought back with him 12 refugees, all Syrians, all Muslims. All had […]

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Where to Eat: Restaurants in the Eternal City

Following our list of places to stay in the last issue of the magazine, we now provide this list of moderately-priced restaurants in the Eternal City. Many of our readers have asked for a list of this kind, and what is now offered is ample but not exhaustive. All of the following restaurants have been […]

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