Back Issues of Inside the Vatican magazine for 2003

You will be able to view the table of contents and cover image of each back issue.

  • December 2003 – Mel Gibson and the Vatican – Will Rome praise, or blame?November 2003 – The Pope’s Latest Exhortation – A call for bishops to stand firm
  • November 2003 – The Pope’s Latest Exhortation – A call for bishops to stand firm.
  • October 2003 – Light of the Poor –The spiritual life of Mother Teresa
  • September 2003 – Pope John Paul’s 25th Anniversary – Chronicled in full-page portraits and passages from the Pope’s major writings SPECIAL ISSUE!

  • August 2003 – Leaving Out Christianity – Europe seems to want to forget its past
  • June – July 2003 – Can One Receive the Host Kneeling? – Answers to readers’ questions
    Note: This issue also includes the complete text of the “old Mass”(Tridentine rite) in Latin, with translation, and reports on the May 24/03 celebration in Rome
  • April-May 2003 – Possible Dream? -Will John Paul visit Russia?

  • March 2003 – Seeking a Way to Avoid War – The Pope’s diplomatic blitz
  • February 2003 – Half the Truth – When talking about Jesus is taboo
  • January 2003 – The Baptism of Jesus- A reflection on the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry