Cover Art for December 2003vissue of Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 11, Number 10

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Lead Story
by Inside the Vatican staff
8Mel Gibson and the Vatican
Will Rome praise or blame?

by Peter Simek
14When Music Soars
Roman concerts surpass all previsions.
by Vladimiro Redzioch16A Bishop for the Hebrews
Abbott Gourion chosen.
by Inside the Vatican staff18Will Fatima Change?
A dispute over the future of the shrine.
by Andrew Rabel28Light at the End of the Tunnel?
English translations of the liturgy revised.

Photo Essay
by various photogrpahers
30John Paul’s Polish Mountains
Unpublished photos from a distant past.
by Elizabeth Lev42Painting Ecstasy
The great mystics seen by great artists.

by Marijane Camilleri
48The Woman at the Well
How a Gospel story explains us to ourselves.

by Marie Czernin
54A Lifetime for Unity
Cardinal Thomas Spidlik.

by Friar Tuck
60Sleeping in a Palace
Friar Tuck won’t want to return to Sherwood.


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