Cover for January 2003 Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 11, Number 01

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by Father Paul Haffner
6The Baptism of Jesus
A reflection on the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry.

Lead Story
by Inside the Vatican staff
8The Jews and Conversion
An American document sparks controversy.

by Inside the Vatican staff
16The Top Ten People of 2002
Inside the Vatican presents 10 people who made a difference in the past year.
1. Luigi Giussani
2.Viktor Tarasevich
3. Tarcisio Bertone
4. Sister Callista Cozzi
5. Antonia Willemsen
6. Sister Margherita Marchione
7. Michael Fitzgerald
8. Thomas Monaghan
9. Nguyen Van Thuan
10. Stanislaw Dziwisz
by Robert Moynihan28The Top Ten Stories for 2003
The stories that made headlines in 2002 — and will continue to do so.

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
40November and December in Rome
A day-by-day chronicle.

by Inside the Vatican staff
44Is Christ the Only Savior?
A talk with the Pope’s chief doctrinal advisor, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Art Essay
by Crista Kramer von Reisswitz
50The Shoes of the Fisherman…
And other Vatican treasures.

Inside the World
by Cecilia Bromley-Martin
60Castro Praises the Pope…
And other news from around the globe.

by Friar Tuck
62“A Seeming Mountain of Pasta”
Dining with Sant’ Egidio.


February 2003