June-July 2003 cover art for Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 11, Number 06

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by Cecilia Bromley-Martin
8Can One Receive the Host Kneeling?
Answers to readers’ questions.

Lead Story
by Robert Moynihan
10“Introibo ad altare Dei…”
May 24 celebration of the “Old Mass.”

by Delia Gallagher
20Rome-Washington Tensions?
…and further reflections on Iraq.

by Inside the Vatican staff
25The Tridentine Mass
Latin text with English translation.

by Farley Clinton
41The Influence of Teilhard
At the source of “New Age” thought?

by Robert Moynihan
42The Meaning of the Icon
May 15 Inside the Vatican round-table.

by John Henry Newman
44Witnesses of the Resurrection
Why did Jesus appear to so few?

Inside the World
by Cecilia Bromley-Martin
48The Greatest Threats to the Church
Communism and fundamentalism.

by Bishop Timothy Dolan
52A Second-Graders’ Wisdom
What is important in life.

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
54Cardinal Colasuonno Dies
Papal visit to Spain; John Paul turns 83.

by Father Paul Haffner
61“A Diadem of Countless Gems”
Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul (June 29)

by Friar Tuck
62A Haven of Calm in the Eternal City
For Sardinian food, eat at Dal Sardo.
Lead Story by Dr. Robert Moynihan and Serena Sartini10Where is Russia Going?

News by Vladimiro Redzioch16Vatican A special concert for the Pope performed by Chinese musicians.

News by Inside the Vatican staff18Holy Land Interview with Latin patriarch Michel Sabbah on the conflict in the region.

News by Marie Czernin20 Holy Land Interviews with Archbishops Elias Chacour and Fuad Twal.

News by John Thavis (CNN)22Italy Benedict XVI visits Genoa and Savona.

News by Alberto Carosa23Anniversary A symposium on the 60th anniversary of Human Rights declaration.

News by Inside the Vatican staff and CNS24Briefs and Obituary A last farewell to Cardinal Bernardin Gantin.

News by Alberto Carosa28Liturgy The Old Mass in Rome Again.

News by Inside the Vatican staff30Curia Interview with Cardinal Saraiva Martins on Veneration of Padre Pio.

Culture by George “Pat” morse32Reflection What Pope Benedict did not do in America.

Culture by Inside the Vatican staff34Education Christendom College, born out of the heart of Rome.

Culture by Vladimiro Redzioch36Curia Interview with Msgr. Guido Marini, Vatican Master of Liturgical Ceremonies.

Culture by Stephen Pimentel38Theology The Eucharist tabernacle in the Book of the Hebrews.

Columns by Lucy Gordan42Of Books, Art, and People Exhibit: “Rome in the 15th Century.”

Columns by Inside the Vatican staff47Catechism Back to the Baltimore Catechism.

Columns by Fr. Bernard O’Connor48Roman Reflection Peace as the primacy of love.

Columns by Angela Ambrogetti, Alberto Carosa, John mallon50Book Review A Civilization of Love; The Blessed Smile of Benedict; Dangerous Men.

Columns by Micaela Biferali54Vatican Watch: April and May A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events.

Columns by Fr. Paul Haffner60Meditation St. Bridget of Sweden (July 23).

Columns by Micaela Biferali59When in Rome Coreggio, a painter of the Emilian school of early 16th century in Italy.

Columns by Friar Tuck
60The Sacred and Profane A hotel near St. Mary Major and a restaurant near Piazza Farnese.

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