March 2003

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March 2003 ITV mag

Year 11, Number 04

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Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
8 February and March in Rome
A day-by-day chronicle.

Lead Story
by Inside the Vatican staff
12 Seeking a Way to Avoid War
The Pope’s diplomatic blitz.

by Andrea Kirk
16 The Man Who Thinks It is Right
Michael Novak in Rome.

Cardinals Watch
by Delia Gallagher
18 From Fatima to the End of the World
Cardinals Saraiva and Ratzinger

by William Doino
22 New Evidence
Startling Finds in the Vatican Archives.

Lux Ex Oriente
by Dominik Morawski
32 A Papal Trip to Moscow
Some think it is still possible.

Lenten Meditiation
by Inside the Vatican staff
33 A Man for Times of Trial
Thomas More on our current crisis.

by Inside the Vatican staff
42 Mel Gibson’s Passion…
To Tell Christ’s Story.

by Cecelia Bromley-Martin
44 The Lone Wolf
Covering the Vatican for Reuters.

Photo Essay
by Vladimir Redzioch
and Grzegorz Galazka
46 Amid the Runins
A sanctuary.

Inside the World
by Cecelia Bromley-Martin
52 Death of a Giant
Werenfried van Straaten dies at 90.

by June Hager
56 A Geometrical Gem
St. Ivo’s.

by Father Paul Haffner
61 On the Crucifixion
St. Cyril of Jerusalem.

by Friar Tuck
62 Once a Medieval Synagogue.
In the heart of Trastevere.

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