Year 12, Number 07


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Lead Story
by Inside the Vatican staff
8The Return
Amid terrible tragedy, the icon goes home.

by Inside the Vatican staff
14Hunger in Sudan
The country’s bishops call for help…

Papal Trip
by Inside the Vatican staff
16In the Footsteps of Bernadette
John Paul visits Lourdes.

by George “Pat” Moore
20Who Will Save Our Church?
The task of the laity in the present crisis.

Status Ecclesiae
by John Mallon
24The Tragedy of John Geoghan
Reflections a year after his murder.

by William Doino, James Bogle and Alberto Carosa
26Blessed Emperor, Blessed Mystic
The stories of Emperor Charles I and Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Art Essay
by Vladimiro Redzioch
42God’s Artist
How a Spanish architect found holiness.

by Farley Clinton
48Bernadette Reconsidered
The dogma of infallibility analyzed.

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
58August in Rome
A day-by-day chronicle.

by Paul Haffner
61Our Lady of Sorrows
September 15.

by Friar Tuck
62In the Heart of Trastevere
“We finished up with tiramisu.

August 2004

October 2004