Year 13, Number 07

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Lead Story
by Christina Badde
8The Church is Young and Alive
Archbishop Cordes on “Days of Grace.”

Lead Story Feature
by Nina Heereman
12“We Loved Him!”
A young woman’s testimony.

by Paul Badde
16Apostle Paul’s Grave Discovered
Only a tiny seal bars the last entrance.
by Ludwig Waldmüller20On the Eastern Front
Cardinal Kasper on his recent trip to Russia.
by Gerlad O’Connor22Signals Point to Change
The People’s Republic and the Holy See.
by Alberto Carosa25“Brain Death” is Not Enough
Defending the Right to Life.
by Tony Assaf28Eye on the Orient
Arab reactions to the death of John Paul II.
by Andrea Tornielli30Will He Stay?
Staff changes at the Vatican?

by Fr. Uwe Michael Lang
32“We Must Cultivate His Garden”
In the tradition of Cardinal Newman

by Andrew Rabel
34The Cardinal of Australia
George Pell of Sydney.

by Inside the Vatican staff
38Ecclesiastical Heraldry
One of the Church’s ancient traditions.

by Jean Di Marino
44Bishop Renato Boccardo
The Organizer.

by Lucy Gordan
48The Great Revolution
Gutenberg’s Life and Works.

Status Ecclesiae
by John Mallon
52How Bishops Discourage Vocations
And the key to attracting them.

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
54June and July
A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events.

by Father Paul Haffner
60Feast of Our Lady of Ransom
Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical Octobre Mense.

by Friar Tuck
62The Golden Spider
And, little St. Peter.s.

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