Year 13, Number 10

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Lead Story by Elizabeth Lev8Christmas in Rome Advent as a time of humility.

News by Cong. for Catholic Education16Document on Homosexuals in the Priesthood The Vatican confirms its position.
by Tony and Andrea Assaf18Caught in the Crossfire A talk with an Iraqi bishop.
by Gerard O’Connell20Justifiied Optimism About China? A Taiwanese cardinal foresees a brighter future.

Interview by Andrew Rabel22What Will be the Consequences of the Synod? Cardinal Arinze on the Liturgy.

Focus by Charmain Graves26At the Crossroads A situtaion report on Canada.

Profile by Jean di Marina30Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe The evangelizer.

Feature by Martin Mosebach32The Genealogy of Jesus The mystery of the Son of David.

Spiritual Exercise by Fr. Bernard O’Connor38Pope Benedict XVI’s View of Courage Nine virtues of courage.

Tradition by Alberto Carosa44In the Service of the King of Kings The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

Reflection by Pat Morse48The Real Presence But, do I believe?

Art by Eleanora de Fillippis50Protecting the Church’s Patrimony Restorations in the Vatican Museums.

Exhibition by Lucy Gordan54Tuscan Art Comes Home Siena’s “Virgin and Child.”

Status Ecclesiae by John Mallon55Lay Mendicants The difficulties facing Catholic lay apostolates.

Vatican Watch by Charmaine Graves56November & December A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events.

Meditation by Father Paul Haffner60“The Good News” The end of the world and the second coming.

Restaurants by Friar Tuck62Venerina al Mascherino And, the Grand Hotel Olympic.

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