Year 13, Number 02

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Lead Story
by Inside the Vatican staff
8John Paul Hospitalized
A February flu puts the Pope’s life at risk.

by John Paul II
14Lent 2005
A papal meditation on this Lenten season

by Inside the Vatican staff
16Sister Lucy of Fatima Dies at 97
The last of the three shepherd children.

by Shena Muldoon and Andrea Kirk Assaf
20The Holy Land in Crisis
The view from the Palestinian side.

by Shena Muldoon
23Was the Dating a Hoax?
The Shroud of Turin: case not closed.

by Marie Czernin
26“And then the Pope Said…”
A remarkable interview on Medjugorje.

by Father Peter Joseph
32Who is Behind It?
A guide to judging private revelations.

by Roy Schoeman
40“Highly Irregular”
A Talmud scholar looks at the trial of Jesus.

The Rosary
by Silvio Mattacchione
45Five Million Strong
How simple believers wage spiritual war.

by Lucy Gordan
48The Commandant of the Swiss Guard…
…on the 500th anniversary of the corps.

Of Books, Art and People
by Lucy Gordan
52The Most Expensive Painting Ever?
It’s by Duccio.

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
56The Pope Falls Ill
Day-by-day in the Vatican

by Paul Haffner
60The Spouse of Christ
Venerable Teresa Helena Higginson.

News Briefs
by Inside the Vatican staff
62Weigel on the Next Page…
…and Kaspar on the centrality of Christ.

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