Year 15, Number 05

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Lead Story by Maurizio Di Giacomo
Who is Jesus? A new book by Benedict XVI tells us

News by Alberto Carosa
12Liturgy and Ecumenism
Why the Orthodox appreciate the old Mass

News by Andrew Rabel15Limbo The significance of the new text by the International Theological Commission.

News by Inside the Vatican staff
A disput over Pius XII’s legacy at Yad Vashem.

News by Edward Pentin24Vatican-Israel Interview with Sir Martin Gilbert.

News by Zenit
26Benedict XVI
A visit to Pavia,
praying at St. Augustine’s tomb.

News by Maurizio Di Giacomo
27Book Review
“Witnesses for Christ” dying in the name of the Christian faith.

News by Vladimiro Redzioch
Angelo Amato on the nature of evil.

News by George “Pat” Morse30United States
Legislation to outlaw Christian moral teaching?

News by Gerard O’Connell32Sri Lanka
The civil war continues. Can the Church help make peace?

Columns by Lucy Gordan34Of Books, Art, and People Exhibit: Dürer and his relationship with Italy.

Columns by Fr. Bernard O’Connor
38Roman Curia The Bodmer Papyrus and its meaning.

News by Edward Pentin
Archbishop John Foley talks about his work and the media.

News by Vladimiro Redzioch
90th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima.

News by Vladimiro Redzioch44Special Assignment
A trip to Matera… or Jerusalem?.

Columns by Inside the Vatican staff
48Catechism On Creation – Baltimore Catechism, Lesson 4.

Columns by Micaela Biferali49Vatican Watch: March & April
A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events.

Columns by Micaela Biferali58When in Rome
Masterpieces of European art and works by Chagall and Bernini.

Columns by Friar Tuck
60The Sacred and the Profane
A useful list of hotels and pensions in Rome.

Columns by Fr. Paul Haffner
A poem by R.H. Benson on Our Lady.

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