Year 16, Number 4

Please send me this special April issue: Preview of Papal visit (116 pages)


Special Dossier: Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Trip to America
by Delia Gallagher
12Benedict’s Message

by Andrea Assaf
16End of an Alliance?

by Gianni Cardinale
18All the Pope’s Men

by Inside the Vatican staff
20 The Pope’s Curia

by Micaela Biferaili
24All the Pope’s Acts

by Dominik Morawski
32Will the Two Meet?

by Angela Ambrogetti
34Madame Ambassador: Mary Ann Glendon in Rome

by Vladimiro Redzioch
42The Pope’s Theology: A Talk with Cardinal Georges Cottier, O.P.

Expectations in America

by Father Richard Lee
50“Recognize Our Service”

by Deirdre McQuade
52Hope for Women Despite Abortion

by Delia Gallagher
54“What is the True Meaning of Freedom?” Interview with Cardinal Stafford

by Patrick Reilly
60A Turning Point?

by Terence McKeegan
62Friends at the UN

by Teresa Tameo
68“Beware the Spinmeisters!”

by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.
70“Follow the Book”

by Alexa von Künsberg
74A New Joseph Ratzinger

by Prof. Bertram Stubenrauch
75The Jesus of Christian Faith

by Emily Rielley
76“We Love God in All That We Love:” Interview with David Schindler

by George “Pat” Morse
86What the Pope Should Say to America

Culture by Sr. Margherita Marchione
88Pius XII/ Michael Tagliacozzo on Jewish Romans saved by Pope Pius XII

Culture by Fr. Peter Joseph
94Martyrdom/ On the conditions for true martyrdom

Culture by Stephen Pimentel
102Theology/ The foundations of the Eurcharist

Columns by Fr. Bernard O’Connor
106Roman Reflection/ The significance of the U.S. papal visit

Columns by Micaela Biferali
108Vatican Watch/ February March: A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events

Columns by Inside the Vatican staff
111Catechism/ Chapter 13, On the Sacraments

Columns by Fr. Paul Haffner
112Meditation/ Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel and prayer by Pope Pius XII

Columns by Friar Tuck
114The Sacred and Profane/ A lodging near St. Peter’s and a regional Italian restaurant

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