Year 16, Number 3

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Lead Story by Vladimiro Redzioch
10Pauline Year: To Know St. Paul Better
Interview: Msgr. Padovese invites all Catholics to visit the Pauline places in Asia Minor.

Lead Story by Angela Ambrogetti
14Interview: Cardinal Montezemolo explains the activities of the Pauline Year.

News by Vladimiro Redzioch18Abortion nterview with Giuliano Ferrara on a universal moratorium on abortion.

News by Gerard O’Connell
22 India Cardinal Toppo’s appeal for peace.

News by Inside the Vatican staff24Controversy Remarks on Sharia law by Archbishop Rowan Williams, and responses

News by Alberto Carosa26Liturgy First deacon ordination in Rome in the Tridentine rite since the motu proprio.

News by Vladimiro Redzioc28Egypt Interview with Patriarch Antonios Naguib on the restoration of Egypt’s monastic tradition

News by Inside the Vatican staff32Briefs and Obituaries A last farewell to Archbishop Christodoulos, Fr. Maciel and Fra’ Bertie

News by Serena Sartini34Ambassador A talk with Frank de Coninck, Belgium’s envoy to the Holy See

News by Inside the Vatican staff35Book Review Father Joseph Ratzinger’s thesis on St. Bonaventure.

News by Genevieve S. Kineke36Anniversary An international congress commemorates Mulieris Dignitatem

News by Pat Morse
39Reflection The gift of faith: the prize and the cost.

News by Vladimiro Redzioch
40Bioethics Msgr. Elio Sgreccia on defense of human life and the right to life

News by Stephen Pimentel
44Theology The Eucharist is related to the Todah sacrifice

Columns by Lucy Gordan48Of Books, Art and People Antonio Paolucci, new director of the Vatican Museums.

Columns by Inside the Vatican staff
51Doctrine Back to the Baltimore Catechism: Lesson 12

Columns by Fr. Bernard O’Connor52Roman Reflection The meaning of the Lenten period

Columns by Micaela Biferali54Vatican Watch: January and April A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events.

Columns by Micaela Biferali
59When in Rome
A unique exhibitions of Sebastiano Del Piombo’s works

Columns by Fr. Paul Haffner
60Meditation St. Gregory Nazianzen’s Second Oration on Easter.

Columns by Friar Tuck
62The Sacred and Profane A hotel near the Appian Way and a pleasant restaurant.

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