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Patriarch Proposes A Neutral Lebanon

The Vatican is reportedly weighing Cardinal Patriarch Bèchara Raï’s proposal By Giuseppe Rusconi In the main photo, a fire in Beirut’s harbor Lebanese Cardinal Patriarch Béchara Raï Little reassuring news continues to arrive from Lebanon on the country’s strength. After the resignation of the Sunni government of Hassan Diab on August 10, [...]

New Finance Head: “I Link Money to Mission”

Confusion continues regarding Vatican finances as one cardinal (Becciu) is sacked, another (Pell) returns to Rome, a new report on the Holy See’s finances appears, and a Vatican consultant is arrested By Christina Deardurff Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu The Roman Curia of the Catholic Church released, for the first time in years, a relatively [...]

Church Needs To Prepare Herself To Become A “Diaspora Church”

Fr. Michał Paluch, O.P. Fr. Michał Paluch, O.P., presents a new Institute of Culture to share the legacy of St. John Paul II and spread the Christian message By Jan Bentz A poster presenting the new Institute in Rome Pope, saint, spiritual father to millions. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary [...]

Pope urges faithful to rediscover Dante’s Divine Comedy

Teenagers, he said, feel a “surprising resonance” with the masterpiece Pope Francis said October 10 that the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri should inspire people to rediscover the Italian poet’s Divine Comedy. The Pope made the remark in an address to a delegation from the Italian Archdiocese of Ravenna-Cervia, in which he announced [...]

East-West Watch: Can Disease Be Transmitted Through Communion?

By Peter Anderson For the Catholic Church, the method of distributing Communion in most locations has been modified during the time of the COVID pandemic. With the reopening of churches, the general practice of dioceses in the United States has been to allow only the distribution of Communion in the hand, and not on the [...]

Pope Francis: Human Dignity Has Political Implications

Our "Inalienable dignity" is the "foundation of all social life" By Courtney Mares (CNA) Pope Francis has praised the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a powerful defense of the principle of the inalienable dignity of the human person. In the photo, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a promoter of the Declaration, which was approved [...]

October Beatification of Computer Programmer Carlo Acutis

This ordinary young Italian was filled with the love of God. He will be beatified on October 10. By Meg Hunter-Kilmer Carlo Acutis, who died unexpectedly at age 15 in 2006. He hiked, played soccer, went to daily Mass and was filled with the love of God. He will be beatified in Assisi, where [...]

Francis Praises Dialogue in Conversations with Agnostic “Slow Food” Founder

A book publishing conversations between Pope Francis and Carlo Petrini, the founder of the Slow Food organization, highlights the Pope’s emphasis on dialogue with others. Petrini, 71, is a well-known Italian gastronomist, agnostic, and ex-Communist who started Slow Food in 1989 to safeguard local food culture. It is in this context that the author introduces [...]

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