Regina Caeli

Pope at Regina Coeli: The Holy Spirit is a specialist in bridging distances

(CNS photo/Vatican Media) June 5, 2022 Pope Francis marks Pentecost Sunday inviting believers to heed the Holy Spirit who “makes the Gospel of Jesus enter into our hearts” and teaches us how to overcome distances. On the Solemnity of Pentecost, Pope Francis told the faithful, we celebrate the effusion of the Holy Spirit on [...]

Pope at Regina Caeli: “The Holy Spirit illuminates our steps”

(CNS photo/Paul Haring) May 15, 2022 Pope Francis’ catechesis on the Sixth Sunday of Easter is dedicated to the gratuitousness of God’s love and to the gift of the Holy Spirit. Pope Francis prayed the Regina Caeli on Sunday and addressed the faithful, linked via live-streaming, to the Vatican’s Apostolic Library, encouraging them to [...]

Pope at Regina Coeli: Hear and follow the Lord, our Good Shepherd

(CNS photo/Vatican Media) May 8, 2022 Pope Francis calls on us to hear the Lord when he calls us, to realize that he knows us better than ourselves, and to follow Him as our Good Shepherd, as today's liturgy tells us about the loving bond that exists between the Lord and each one of [...]

Pope at Regina Coeli: May we rediscover the impulse to do good

(CNS photo/Vatican Media) May 1, 2022 At the Sunday Regina Coeli prayer, Pope Francis encourages us to look beyond the "empty nets" we can find in life and look always with courage to the Lord who can fill our nets with his overflowing love and consolation, renewing our desire to do good. Speaking to [...]

Pope at Regina Coeli: Risen Jesus dispels our fears and unbelief

(CNS photo/Paul Haring) April 24, 2022 At the Regina Coeli prayer on Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Francis says the Risen Jesus wishes to return to stay with us and only waits for us to seek Him, since He is always ready to help us overcome our fears and unbelief. Pope Francis led the midday [...]