July/August 2023

    In the July-August 2023 issue of Inside the Vatican: Pope Francis’ offers to attempt to broker peace in Ukraine are rebuffed by President Zelensky; we look at potential candidates in the next papal conclave; our special “Education” section shows parents how to cure the Catholic education headache; and our resident expert on the Eastern churches, Peter Anderson, explains the conflict over Ukraine’s ancient Lavra.

Table of Contents

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The Holy Is the Real… Not AI by Robert Moynihan


HUNGARY/Pope Francis to Hungary: “You must be a bridge-builder” by ITV Staff

Speech/“The Pope is Not a Czar” by Cardinal Gerhard Müller 

Analysis/The Next Conclave by ITV Staff 

PHOTO ESSAY/30 Years of Inside the Vatican: An Anniversary Retrospective 


Authentic Catholic education: Thriving 50 years after the Land O’ Lakes disaster by ITV Staff 

How to cure the Catholic education headache: An interview with Patrick J. Reilly by ITV Staff 

“Trans” culture is swallowing our college kids: One family’s story by ITV Staff 

Marriage is dying: How faithful Catholic colleges are reversing the trend by ITV Staff


Book/Hands Off Africa! by Pope Francis by Joseph Tulloch (Vatican News) 

Footsteps on the Way/America’s Only Approved Marian Apparition by ITV Staff 

Scripture/The Brave Virtue of Patience by Anthony Esolen 

Latin /The Children of Subtraction by John Byron Kuhner 


Icon/“Through Him all things were made” by Robert Wiesner 

East-West Watch/World Focus on Kyiv Pechersk Lavra by Peter Anderson

News from the East/Zelensky greetings to bishop; Pope changes Eastern bishops’ voting; Orthodox martyrs added to Roman Martyrology; Coptic Orthodox liturgy at St. Peter’s by Matthew Trojacek 


Tradition and Beauty/Impoverishment of the liturgy: “The people” are the losers by Aurelio Porfiri 

Art/Francis of Assisi at London’s National Gallery; celebrating the papacy of Urban VIII by Lucy Gordan 

Lord of the World/“The Greatest Danger: Indiscreet Zeal” by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson 

Vatican Watch/A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events: April-May-June 2023 by Matthew Trojacek 

People/Knights of Malta elect “commoner”; German church tax confusion; severe anti-Catholic violence in Nigeria; China demands “total loyalty”; martyred priests beatified by Matthew Trojacek 

Food for Thought/Turin: The Vermouth Capital of the World by Mother Martha 

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