May/June 2023

    In the May-June 2023 issue of Inside the Vatican: Critics rebut Archbishop Arthur Roche’s claims that “Church teaching has changed” on the Mass; our signature “photo essay” follows the Holy Father through the Easter Triduum; Anthony Esolen inspires us to “drink deeply of the living waters”; and we learn about “Joseph Ratzinger, the gourmet.”

Table of Contents

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Destination Galilee by Robert Moynihan


VATICAN/Pope Francis celebrates 10 years by granting interviews by ITV staff 

VATICAN/Vatican-China deal “not the best deal possible” by Courtney Mares (CNA)

HOLY LAND/Jerusalem’s Latin Catholic Patriarch: “We are not afraid” by La Croix International


COMMUNIQUÉ: A Newsletter of Urbi et Orbi Communications The Way of the Logos; building unity for thirty years

PHOTO ESSAY: Good Friday at the Vatican “We proclaim your death, O Lord, and profess your resurrection”


Scripture/Drink deeply of the living waters by Anthony Esolen, Ph.D. 

Latin/The outstretched finger of St. John the Baptist by John Byron Kuhner


Icon/The Creed and the mistake of Arius by Robert Wiesner 

East-West Watch/Cyprus elects a new Primate by Peter Anderson 

News from the East/“Universal value” of Jerusalem; Prague cardinal: Ukrainians “crucify Christ’s Church”; pro-life in Romania and Moldova; celebrating 1988 Czech “candle” protest by Matthew Trojacek


Tradition and Beauty/True and false “progress” in sacred music by Aurelio Porfiri

Art/German shrines in Rome and Vatican City by Lucy Gordan 

Lord of the World/“Pantheistic worship ….a success” by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson

Vatican Watch/A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events: February-March-April 2023 by Matthew Trojacek

People/Church desecration in India; Nicaragua closes Catholic universities; bishops reject human composting; sainthood sought for 3 Koreans; new Nigerian dicastery head by Matthew Trojacek

Food for Thought/Joseph Ratzinger, the gourmet by Mother Martha

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