Letter #146, 2021, Wednesday, November 17: The Schneider Tapes, Tape #4: “Give me liberty”

We have posted the 4th of 10 tapes from my late October interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, 60, of Astana, Kazakhstan, and it is now available on Rumble (link) and YouTube (link).

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    Click the video below for the 4th part of the interview in which Bishop Schneider outlines his reasons for believing the Covid crisis, vaccine mandates and lockdowns are part of a worldwide plan to “reset” the global world order. He calls for a resistance to this tyranny and offers a critique of the position of Pope Francis. —RM

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    Here is the transcript of this tape. We provide this transcript even though the interview is already in English for three reasons: 1) so you have the complete transcript also in written form to email to others, etc.; 2) so that the transcript in typed form is available to be translated into other languages by those who wish to share the text with people in other countries; 3) so that any expressions which seem unclear in the spoken video are clarified in the transcript.

    Transcript, Schneider Tape #4: “Give me liberty”

    Tape #4: “Give me liberty…” (~c. 9:02 minutes long)

    Bishop Schneider outlines his reasons for believing the Covid crisis, vaccine mandates and lockdowns are part of a worldwide plan to “reset” the global world order. He calls for a resistance to this tyranny and offers a critique of the position of Pope Francis.

     Robert Moynihan: Ok, so this is a dramatic vision that you are sketching. You grew up in the Soviet Union. You’re traveling now in the United States. The Soviet Union was a controlled society. Is this truly a controlled society? Because we consider ourselves free. One of our great phrases is, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Yes.

    I think that, of course, the Communist society was a society of total control. But in those times, there were not yet these means, technical means, of control, as today. After now for almost, more than 30 years to (since the) collapse, there were not yet in those times these technical means of control. Now we have them. And, therefore, it is evident, as we already stated, in our daily life, in our travels and so on, the technology, and our emails, and our cell phones and so on, are already controlled. We know this. And with the, I repeat, with the global vaccination. It’s a further step. I don’t enter into the technological details of the vaccination, but only the fact of this, that it is promoted with such intransigency. This is already a sign of preoccupation and concern. And so, we have to, again, to restate and to create a world chain and movement of people, of all people of good will, to regain the basic civil freedom. To be not treated as little children who do not know what they do, or as slaves, by a small, powerful group of an elite, which is dictating to all governments, to all nations, and tell (telling) the detail (of) how to behave. For example, in this COVID crisis, it was manifested, it is a very detailed, elaborated plan from a kind of elite group, central, who is giving the orders, all the same orders, the same details, the same terminology, to all countries of the world.

    Moynihan: So you’re saying, your evidence for the fact that — for what you believe is a global coordinated effort — is the very fact that the same phrases were used in different countries, the same programs were unfolded, unrolled — 

    Bishop Schneider: Yes, yes. It is not my belief, it is — I state, you can state the facts. And so, we are not stupid, I mean, we have to simply open our eyes and our minds, and we state this that even unto the details, the signs, the symbols, the terminology, the plans, all are coordinated. It cannot simply fall from heaven.

    Moynihan: Well you are a Catholic priest, a Catholic priest and bishop, and you are presenting yourself, you mentioned there needs to be a global community that coordinates a type of resistance to this. Are you truly saying that?

    Bishop Schneider: Yes. Of course we do need [it]. For the sake of, again, reestablishing a true, worthy human life, to restore the dignity of the human life, to respect the freedom, the true freedom, and to eliminate all signs of tyranny, of dictatorship.

    Moynihan: Tyranny and dictatorship. But do you think that you have any allies in this?

    Bishop Schneider: I think that history has shown that there were always people in difficult times who started a resistance. You know? The resistance movements in Nazi Germany, we know. The resistance movements in Communist countries, and those who fought in the resistance movements later when the dictatorial systems collapsed. They are honored as heroes really, but they were persecuted, of course, in the time of the resistance. And so, I think we have to unite, really, for all countries, people of goodwill, this really with all levels of society, who simply use their common sense.

    Moynihan: But I have to say, I must interject, we have, at the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. He’s asked people to, more or less, accept and agree with, and go along with, this coordinated effort to create some type of global response to the virus with this vaccination, and then to accept the restrictions, the masks, etc. How can you explain that this successor of Peter could be so different in his analysis of this situation than you are? You, who are also a bishop in the same Church?

    Bishop Schneider: I think this is not the task of a Pope, to help such a global, evident movement, which is evidently, in an excessive form, restricting the fundamental liberties of human society, of individuals, to be the promoter of such simply “inner-worldly” realities. This is not a task of the Church. This was not the task of St. Peter, which Christ gave him, and to his successors. Peter said, when the temptation came, that (when) the first Pope and the first bishops, the apostles, wanted to deal more with the earthly realities, to serve the tables, we read this in the Acts of the Apostles, Peter, the apostle, said, “It is not fitting, it is not good, that we abandon our first task which is the prayer, so the glorification of God, the liturgy, and the proclamation of the Gospel, of the truth, of the Word.” And this the Church must, and every Pope, must follow. Unfortunately, during 2000 years there were cases when the pope, some popes, did not follow this, and were immersed in simply, worldly realities, forgetting their first task of praying, promoting the prayer, and the preaching of the truth of the Gospel, and salvation of souls not of bodies in the first place. And so, we had for example, in the Renaissance times, popes who completely were immersed in, simply, in worldly things.

    Moynihan: Alexander Borgia.

    Bishop Schneider: Yes, for example, or even Julius II, he was always spending his time as a Pope on the horse, fighting, as a soldier, as a Pope, as a commander of an army. And so, or another, Leo X spent all his time devoting himself to his music and other worldly things. In any case, this is for me also a sign that the current Pope must really deeply reflect if he is really observing his first mandate which Christ gave to Peter and then to him and to really to take it serious the words of St. Peter which were mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles.

    (To be continued… Tape #5 will be posted at 12 noon on Friday, November 19, 2021)

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