Letter #156, 2021, Friday, November 26: The Schneider Tapes, Tape #8: Is the Antichrist here?

We have posted the 8th of 10 tapes from my late October interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, 60, of Astana, Kazakhstan, and it is now available on Rumble (link) and YouTube (link).

    In this tape, Schneider discusses the signs of the times, and expresses his hope that there may yet be a “time of peace.”

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    Click the video below for the 8th part of the interview.

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    Here is the transcript of this tape. We provide this transcript even though the interview is already in English for three reasons: 1) so you have the complete transcript also in written form to email to others, etc.; 2) so that the transcript in typed form is available to be translated into other languages by those who wish to share the text with people in other countries; 3) so that any expressions which seem unclear in the spoken video are clarified in the transcript.

    Transcript, Schneider Tape #8: Is the Antichrist here? (c. 4 minutes long)

    In which Bishop Schneider speaks about a coming time of peace. 

    Robert Moynihan: Many people, nevertheless, are quite concerned about the global situation, about looming restrictions, totalitarianism. In Italy, there have been dock workers in Trieste striking against the requirement to receive the vaccination. There are many people who feel these times are so confused, and so dangerous, that they speak about the end of the world. And you said, in Christus Vincit, “In his inaugural encyclical E Supremi, St. Pius X” — so he was Pope in the first years of the 1900s, so 110, 120 years ago — “he remarked that, so serious was the gathering storm of error at the beginning of the 20th century — relativism, modernism — that he would not be surprised to hear that the Antichrist was already on this earth.” Where do you think we are, more than 100 years later? Do you believe the Antichrist is here?

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Well, we are stating evermore the phenomenon which Pope Pius X described over one hundred years ago are increased evermore, the relativism, the fight against God, against his laws. And so, the signs of the end times are more clear now in our time.

    But, nevertheless, it is not up to us to know the time, as Jesus Christ told to the apostles in the Acts of the Apostles, “It is not upon you to know the times.”

    We have to be always vigilant and ready for the coming of the Lord. And, even though we can observe really signs of a kind of pre-annunciation of some clear signs of the end times, nevertheless, we don’t know how long this can last, and we don’t know if God will concede to humanity and the Church again a time of true flourishing, spiritual renewal.

    And I believe that God can, maybe, will grant to humanity and to the Church a time of really spiritual renewal, and to the Church also.

    Or, as Our Lady of Fatima said, “At the end,” — at the end, maybe at the end times — “my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

    It could be that this time of a new renewal and the true splendour of the Church and a peaceful and life of the civil society and dignity will be granted by God because Our Lady of Fatima said that the Pope should consecrate Russia to “my Immaculate Heart.”

    Moynihan: I was just going to ask you…

    Bishop Schneider: Yes, and then she added, “and Russia will convert, but after the consecration.” So we have to follow her words. So the exact sense of the words. The consecration to Russia. Then she speaks about the conversion of Russia.

    And then she speaks, “and then God will grant to humanity a time of peace.” And I think we can believe that God will still grant us, humanity, a time of peace…

    (End, Transcript, Tape #8; to be continued… Tape #9, which contains an interesting declaration by the bishop, will be posted at 12 noon on Monday, November 29, 2021)

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