Letter #165, 2021, Mon, Dec 5: The Nathanson Files, Tape #1

    In these days before Christmas 2021 — days in expectation of the birth 2,000 years ago of humanity’s Savior — debate is intensifying in the US Supreme Court over when precisely the life of an unborn child begins, from which moment the child would acquire that equal protection under the law that the US Constitution protects. For reports on this see these links: PBS, SCOTUS Blog, and USCCB.

    As a contribution to the reflection on this fundamental question of human rights and human dignity, we are offering a series we call “The Nathanson Files,” in which I interview the founder and head of the Hosea Project, Terry Beatley, who more than a decade ago made a promise to Dr. Bernard Nathanson (link) to make his story known to the world. In these files, Terry tells the amazing story of Dr. Nathanson, once one of America’s leading abortion doctors, then, after a shattering experience of profound intellectual and spiritual conversion, one of America’s leading “pro-life” doctors.

    Here is a link to the article Terry Beatley wrote in the October 2020 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine. America’s “Abortion King” (Dr. Bernard Nathanson) and the “Catholic Strategy”. You can purchase the October 2020 issue at this link.


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    Above left, the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson (1926-2011) meets US President Ronald Reagan; center, Dr. Nathanson and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta; right, Dr. Nathanson meets Pope John Paul II

    I sat down for an interview with Terry Beatley, author of “What if We’ve Been Wrong?” and president of the Hosea Initiative, discussing how the abortion industry has deceived Catholics. The first part of this interview has been posted and is now available on Rumble (link) and YouTube (link).

    All of the tapes from this interview will be posted on our Rumble channel and YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to ensure you do not miss any content.

    Click the video below for the first part of the interview in which Terry Beatley describes her initial meeting with Dr. Nathanson, who was “the father of America’s industry of abortion.”

    Here is the transcript of the first tape from The Nathanson Files:

    Tape #1 The Nathanson Files: “Go Interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson”

    Robert Moynihan: Hello, I am Robert Moynihan with Inside the Vatican magazine and we have with us here today Terry Beatley. And she is going to speak with us about one of the great problems of our time with great insight. And we hope that the conversation will be of use to many thousands of you out there. 

    Terry, I am happy to have you here today because you met Dr. Bernard Nathanson. And Dr. Nathanson was a very important figure in the history of our country and the history in particular of the pro-life question.

    Can you describe your meeting and tell us who Dr. Nathanson was and why his legacy is so relevant and so important? 

    Terry Beatley: Dr. Nathanson was known as the father of America’s industry of abortion.

    Some people, back in the early 70s, named him America’s abortion king and his legacy is one of complete conversion to the pro-life side.

    So, he was not only America’s abortion king but he became pro-life 100% unequivocally pro-life and then he became Catholic.

    And, what I have found as I travel across the United States, there are few people who know his story, but most Americans have no idea that the father of America’s industry of abortion became pro-life.

    And the reason why his story, his legacy is so relevant is because, first of all people like stories.

    And this is a story that converts hearts, convicts hearts, and it’s a story, it’s a true story that helps people understand that this entire industry of killing babies is all based on lies and propaganda.

    And Dr. Nathanson wanted every American, especially Catholics, to know the truth that he left behind.

    Moynihan: And you, somehow, became a friend of Dr. Nathanson. He has now passed away. But can you tell us how that happened and how you met with him and what that meeting was like?

    Beatley: Well, before my Catholic reversion, I was at a prayer vigil at the Nazarene Church, November 2009.

    This was after I had for a number of years been studying about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and how she had unleashed contraception onto America.

    And I had begun to share this information in Virginia in a number of black churches in Virginia.

    And the people’s response, they so encouraged me.

    So, I was at this prayer vigil in 2009, fervently asking the Lord to give me direction, “What am I supposed to do with all this information?”

    And these amazing experiences of sharing the racist history of Planned Parenthood.

    And all I could hear through my prayer was, “Go, interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson.”

    And I remember sitting back in my chair and just having this monologue conversation with the Lord saying, “Lord, why would Dr. Nathanson say ‘yes’ to my request for an interview?”

    I thought it was highly unlikely, but I knew I was supposed to try.

    So, I found his number. I called up to New York.

    And his wife answered. And she said, “Terri, my husband has not granted an interview in well over a year. He is 83 years old. He is terminally ill with cancer.”

    And she said, “Put your request in writing. Fax it up here, and I will present it to my husband.”

    And that’s what I did. And, to my amazement, she called me back a couple days later.

    And she said, to her surprise, her husband said “yes.”

    And she asked me if I could fly up to New York on December 1, 2009.

    And that was the beginning of this crazy 12-year journey, because of a promise I made Dr. Nathanson.

    Moynihan: Well, I would like you to tell us what happened when you flew up to New York and came to his apartment and knocked on the door. What was your meeting like?

    Beatley: Everything was the complete opposite of what I was thinking.

    He had been the father of the abortion industry, the co-founder of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

    He had trained Planned Parenthood doctors.

    So, I was expecting this palatial condominium in Manhattan, New York.

    And it ended up being this little efficiency apartment.

    And Mrs. Nathanson ushered me through this little efficiency kitchen and there’s Dr. Nathanson sitting on a sofa, very frail.

    He had his little Chihuahua dog sitting on his lap. So, for one hour, it was the one hour that changed my life.

    So, for one hour, I sat beside Dr. Nathanson asking him a number of questions, that were all pre-planned.

    And, all I can say is if remorse was tangible, I could have grabbed a hold of it.

    He was very very remorseful, regretful of what he had done unleashing this culture of death onto the United States of America.

    So at the end of the interview, I asked him, I said, “Dr. Nathanson, if you have a message for America, and if you tell me what it is, I promise you I will deliver it across America until it is common knowledge or until Roe v. Wade is overturned.”

    And I didn’t know what he would say, but, indeed, he did respond.

    He said, “Continue teaching the strategy of how I deceived America. And then, tell America that the co-founder of NARAL says to love one another. Abortion is not love. Stop the killing. The world needs more love and I am all about love now.”

    Moynihan: So that is the message that Dr. Nathanson gave to you. You say this was an hour-long meeting that changed your life. And as you left that meeting, what did you think you should do?

    Beatley: Well, I reached over and I shook his hand.

    And I promised him I would get this job done.

    And then his wife, she looked at me and she said, “Well, good luck on that promise, Terry.” And she closed the door.

    And I remember standing, looking at the door and thinking, “I cannot believe I just made Dr. Nathanson this promise.”

    So, I left.

    The whole interview felt surreal because, and I think it is important for your listeners to understand, he was not just one more abortionist.

    He is the father of the abortion industry, which completely changed everything in America.

    There is nobody who is untouched by what he did.

    And so, it felt very surreal.

    And for the next 6 months, I was a busy homeschool mom.

    So, I finished up the homeschool year in the spring of 2010, and then we moved to Fredericksburg, VA.

    And that is the setting that began the next leg of this journey and fulfilling the promise to Dr. Nathanson.

    And it actually began with teaching people in this part of Virginia what the abortion industry, how it has impacted the realm of politics and law.

    (to be continued)

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