April 15, 2016, Friday — Francis Writes a Note….

Bernie Speaks at the Vatican…

Here is an image of Bernie Sanders speaking to a Vatican conference inside of Vatican City about an hour ago.

His face can be seen on the large video screen on the wall. Journalists are crowding into the corner of the room on the far side.


As I write this, just after 5 p.m. Rome time, Bernie Sanders has just given an impromptu press conference in the open air, next to the Vatican Wall, at the side gate of the Vatican, surrounded by reporters.

The locatuon is just a few feet from the Domus Santa Marta, where Pope Francis lives.

Sanders has praised the encyclical on the environment of Pope Francis, and the Pope’s calls for a more just economy, to relieve the poverty so many of the world’s poor live under.

Here is a link to a live streaming video of the event.


Prior to this, Sanders read a 10-minute talk inside Vatican City at a conference on the social teaching of the Church. That was a few minutes ago.

But will Bernie meet with Pope Francis?

He did not meet with him so far, and it now seems quite unlikely.

One chance would have been for the Pope to have greeted all conference participants at 7 p.m. Rome time — about two hours from now.

But the Pope has Pope Francis this morning sent a message to the conference saying he would not be able to meet with conference participants, as he had planned, at 7 p.m. Rome time, because he must leave early tomorrow morning for the island of Lesbos, Greece.

Here is an image of the head of the Pontifical Academy for social sciences, Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, reading the text of the Pope’s note to the conference members.
(Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo read the Pope’s note to the conference participants this morning that he would not receive them this evening.)

Here is the text of that note from Pope Francis:


The note would seem to mean that Sanders will not meet with Pope Francis.

However, earlier, Sanchez Sorondo had suggested publicly that a Bernie-Francis meeting might occur informally at the Pope’s residence, the Domus Santa Marta.

If such a meeting were to occur, it would have to be during the next four hours.

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