Basilica of St. Peter

Letter #27, 2019: Farewell to Elio Sgreccia

Photo credit - Vatican News Pope Francis incenses the coffin of the late Cardinal Elio Sgreccia in St. Peter's Basilica on Friday, June 7. Sgreccia (photo below), one of the Church's most courageous moral theologians, died on June 5 in Rome The Late Cardinal Elio SgrecciaPhoto Credit: Vatican News Sunday, June 9, [...]

Monsignor Iacobone: Editor and Author

The volume La Basilica di San Pietro is whose brainchild? Mons. Pasquale Iacobone: Our friends at the publisher FMR/UTET, Dr. Fabio Lazzari and Marco Castelluzzo, proposed the idea because they had access to an exceptional corpus of photographs of St. Peter’s by Aurelio Amendola. It included photographs he’d taken in the past, in particular of the [...]

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