Two wonders

· With the certainty that “God always labours”, there is no need to fear living the gift of love and of liberty, setting aside once and for all the false assurances that come from rigidity. · Pope Francis’ shared this reflection during Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 6 February. Francis’ meditation was inspired by [...]

Be open, receptive to God's gifts

Pope Francis said Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta on Monday morning. In remarks to the faithful following the readings of the day, the Holy Father focused on the theme of Christian freedom, saying that the follower of Christ is a “slave” – but of love, not of duty, and urging the faithful [...]

Pope Francis says praying for our enemies can heal our hearts

Praying for our enemies can heal our hearts: that was Pope Francis’ message at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta chapel on Tuesday morning. Recalling his own childhood in Argentina, when people prayed that dictators would go to hell, the Pope recalled how Jesus himself tells us to love our enemies and to pray for those [...]

A caged spirit

“Prophecy, memory and hope”: these three characteristics free a person; they free people and the Church, preventing it from ending up as a “closed system” of rules that puts the Holy Spirit in a cage. This was Pope Francis’ message in the Mass he celebrated on Monday morning, 30 May, in the Chapel of Santa Marta. [...]

May our hearts be open to gift of the Spirit

Pope Francis focused on the Feast of Pentecost during his remarks before the Regina Coeli prayer on Sunday. The day’s liturgy, Pope Francis said, “invites us to open our minds and our hearts to the gift of the Holy Spirit . . . the first and principle gift that He has obtained with His Resurrection and [...]

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A perfect stranger

The Holy Spirit is a perfect stranger, if not “a prisoner of luxury”, to many unaware Christians. Yet he is the one who “moves the Church”, who leads us to Jesus and makes us “real” as opposed to “virtual Christians”. During Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 9 May, of the week preceding Pentecost, Pope [...]

Salvation comes from little things

God’s salvation comes not from great things, not from power or money, no from clerical or political networks, but from little and simple things that sometimes even arise from disdain. Francis proposed this meditation during Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 29 February. “The Church prepares us for Easter and today makes us reflect on [...]

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